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Meet Our Masters Students

Tvine Donabedian

I am a master's student in the Communication program. My research focus includes popular culture, media, and fandom. In light of my background in anthropology, I am especially interested on how various types of media are consumed cross-culturally. I am also passionate about writing, travels, and music. Currently, I am in the process of publishing my first book.

Elmira Habibullah | 

Elmira (Elly) Habibullah is a Vancouver based artist and researcher with over 5 years’ experience in teaching art. she also has played various roles in cultural and art educational sectors in well-known non-profit organizations such as Evergreen Cultural Centre, Burnaby Art Council and Craft Council of BC. She is currently MA student in Arts and holding her Visual Arts degree from Simon Fraser University. Her artworks have been displayed nationally, and brought her people’s Choice Award in Biennial National PAC Convention of 2014, Kwi Am Choi Scholarship from Port Moody Arts Centre, and Nomination of 2018 BMO’s first art exhibition. she is interested in investigating the institutional power system in  relation with visual culture.

Amy Harris 

I have lived in Vancouver for 8 years working in Outdoor Recreation on the North Shore, and chose SFU so that I can combine the location with the area of Communications that I wish to study. I am from the UK originally, studying at the University of East Anglia which has a very similar atmosphere to SFU, and the familiarity that I felt as soon as I stepped onto the campus in Burnaby meant I knew I had found the place I could thrive.

With a degree in English Literature, my career so far has been incredibly varied, culminating with me finding the area of Communications as the one that my skills seem to naturally gravitate towards. I am hoping that an MA in Communications will develop those skills further and enable me to be more effective and knowledgeable in the field.

Valerie Franklin

Communication, especially written communication, fascinates me. I’m especially interested in how literacy is evolving in response to ongoing technological and cultural shifts, and how information centres such as libraries and schools can adapt to better serve the needs of modern learners. Identifying these potential improvements will be the focus of my graduate research. I graduated with a BA in English Honours from UFV in 2016, as well as certificates in journalism and TESL, and am currently enrolled in the SFU School of Communication's MA program. Print culture, internet culture, and journalism interest me both academically and professionally; I’ve worked with several literary publications in a managerial capacity, and in my spare time I’m a freelance editor and artist. I’m looking forward to my time at SFU and would love to hear from anyone who’s interested in discussing research, collaborating on a project, or just making friends in the campus community.

Dylan Webb | 

Dylan was admitted to our MA program in the Fall of 2018. While he has diverse, interdisciplinary research interests that include but are not limited to; labour studies, political economy of communication, social change, labour market policy and ideology and political ecology, his research is driven by a broad based commitment to political economy and working class perspectives. Dylan recently completed his BA with distinction at SFU with a triple minor in Labour Studies, Communications and Political Science. He feels that this interdisciplinary academic experience, along with his extensive experience in a variety of positions in the work force, has given him the opportunity to develop a balance between a hyper focused/specialized line of research and the benefits of the breadth and depth of an interdisciplinary approach grounded in real world experience. Dylan is excited and honoured to have been accepted to the SFU CMNS MA program and is very appreciative of the support he received from his family, faculty and others in pursuit of this goal. Dylan hopes to spend his time in the program engaging with research he is passionate about while figuring out a way to do his part in the struggle for social, economic and ecological justice for all people.

Evelyn Zhang

I did my Bachelor in English back in Shanghai, China and after that I came to the School of Communication for my Master’s degree. Living and learning in one of the most popular destinations for immigrants and international students, I became deeply interested in the life experience of the migrants and the role online platforms (diasporic websites, apps, social media accounts, etc.) play in reinventing concepts like migration and community. My areas of interest include new media and platform technologies, migration and globalization studies and mobilities research. Currently, I am working on my thesis about the hidden ride-hailing platforms in Vancouver, which leads to interesting questions about international student labour, Chinese communities and the interweaving of digital technologies and urban space.