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At SFU, society, technology and cultural changes have altered the methods and ways we communicate. We strive to think Global and act Digital as we are immersed in the Digital age. 

You will explore topics relating to big data, media and culture, political economy throughout your degree at SFU School of Communication. You will have opportunities to think critically paired with applied knowledge to prepare you for professional industry careers after you graduate with your Bachelor of Arts from SFU.

CMNS Student Story

McKenna Hadley-Burke / CMNS 4th Year Honours Student

CMNS Alumni


Jao Dantes, Communications and Engagement Manager | 

One of the most memorable experiences during my time at the School of Communication was volunteering for the student union. The biggest takeaways from school are all the lasting connections, networks, and friends that have proved to be invaluable for me during and after my studies. Don't hesitate to put yourself out there both inside and outside of class and make sure to learn from all the mistakes and challenges along the way.

Kelsey Dech, Assistant Manager of Marketing | 

If I had one word of advice for anyone in the Communication program at SFU it would be to get involved! I went out of my comfort zone and applied for a Sponsorship Coordinator/Faculty Rep role with CMNSU (Communication Student Union) in my second year at SFU and I've never regretted it. Not only did I learn so much about myself and the career paths one could take within Communications but I fostered some amazing friendships as well. These friendships and connections have given me some great opportunities so if you are hesitant about getting involved, don't be! You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Ronil Desai, Traffic Anchor | CTV Vancouver | Content Creation | Centra Windows 

As I reflect on my academic career, I can confidently say that one of the best decisions I've made was to pursue my degree in Communication at SFU. Not only did it prepare me for the media landscape in Canada, but I was able to complete the Cooperative Education program, providing me with an excellent glimpse into the industry. 

The communication program fostered and enhanced my critical thinking skills, while covering a variety of topics and current issues. This is one of the most valuable traits I took with me to the work-force and I am so glad that communications program encourages every student to have an open mind and to look at things in multiple angles before making a decision. Thank you to the CMNS staff for guiding me along the path and sharing their words of wisdom throughout the journey. 


CMNS Co-op Story

Ryan Lee / Communications Specialist at SAP


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