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At SFU, society, technology and cultural changes have altered the methods and ways we communicate. We strive to think Global and act Digital as we are immersed in the Digital age. 

You will explore topics relating to big data, media and culture, political economy throughout your degree at SFU School of Communication. You will have opportunities to think critically paired with applied knowledge to prepare you for professional industry careers after you graduate with your Bachelor of Arts from SFU.

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McKenna Hadley-Burke / CMNS 4th Year Honours Student

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Hasnain Raza - VP of Digital Marketing | 

The best decision I made in my academic career was getting my degree in Communication at SFU. Not only did it prepare me to get a better understanding of the media landscape in Canada, but the program did an excellent job in showcasing how media and tech works internationally. 

Moreover, it fostered and developed my critical thinking skills. This is one of the most valuable traits you can take with you to the work-force and I am so glad that the professors encouraged every student to have an open mind and look at things in multiple angles before making a decision.


Shirin Escarcha - Communication Specialist

CMNS 321 - Upon meeting a senior Communication student, I asked her about the best course she'd taken so far. She went in detail about a paper she'd just finish... on Jay-Z and hiphop. Three years later, I found myself in her shoes and telling incoming first years about my paper on Kpop and cultural production! I loved exploring the intersection between an interest of mine and it's tangible impact in the music industry.  Don't go through your degree without getting to know your advisors. They can be your greatest allies in course navigating and getting through your degree. Pro Tip: Have a sense of what courses you want to take 2 months before course registration begins and check-in with your advisor if there's anything you're unsure of. This tends to be the time of semester with least waits! 


CMNS Co-op Story

Ryan Lee / Communications Specialist at SAP


Speak with our First Year Undergraduate Advisor for assistance with financial aids, awards, scholarships and other opportunities to help fund your degree.