Workshop and Roundtables


How do we engage with the transformative potential of blockchain technology? Blockchain is a vast, global distributed database that runs on millions of devices and is open to anyone. Some claim it is a revolutionary solution to growing political and economic inequality, where mass collaboration can take the place of powerful intermediaries like governments and banks. This workshop will give a brief overview of the unique promise of blockchain technology and guide participants through setting up a digital currency wallet.

Learn tools for challenging your well-meaning assumptions! This workshop will explore narratives and problematic misrepresentations of Muslims in the well-meaning liberal discourse. Participants will walk away with tools to identify as well as complicate narratives of marginalized voices.

Learn five simple steps for launching an effective DIY digital advocacy campaign! In today’s digital world, a strong digital advocacy strategy for your cause is crucial. Come join this crash course in engagement strategy, learn new tools and explore the many ways in which you too can influence decision-makers and win. This workshop will explore how every citizen can utilize digital tools to impact how decisions are being made and how stories are being framed.