Independent Research on Media Blindspots and Diversity

The Media Democracy Project is committed to innovative and cutting-edge research in the areas of media monitoring, journalism studies, and news analysis. Over the past 20 years, this has largely taken place through two major projects: the Global Media Monitoring Project (led by Dr. Kathleen Cross) and NewsWatch Canada (led by Dr. Robert Hackett, Dr. Kathleen Cross, and colleagues; formerly Project Censored Canada).

In addition to these initiatives, our committee members regularly contribute to Canada’s alternative media publications (such as Canadian Dimension,, The Tyee, and others) and make regular media appearances to comment on stories that concern the role of news media and journalism in democratic societies.


Popular Publications

  • Robert Hackett (2011). Occupy Canada Through Big Media Lens, And Yours; While pundits called Occupiers names, Tyee readers captured their diversity in photos. Have a look. The Tyee.

  • Robert Hackett (2011). War radio and the militarization of Canada Culture.


Global Media Monitoring Project

The Global Media Monitoring Project is the largest and longest running international research project on women in the news. Conducted every 5 years the 2010 reports mark the 4th time women in the news was monitored, and this time included data from 108 countries world-wide. Dr. Cross coordinated the research for the Canada data, and wrote both the Canadian and the North American reports.

  • Global Media Monitoring Project – Canada Report (2010)

  • Global Media Monitoring Project – North America Report (2010)

  • Global Media Monitoring Project – Global Report (2010)

  • Global Media Monitoring Project Press Release (2010)

  • Global Media Monitoring – Global Highlights (2010)


Scholarly Publications and Books

  • Cross, Kathleen A., Robert A. Hackett & Steve Anderson. (2011) “Communication and Resistance: Options and Strategies for Change” [Book chapter] in Publicity and the Canadian State: Critical Communications Approaches, Kirsten Kozolanda (ed.) University of Toronto Press. Forthcoming.

  • Cross, Kathleen A., (2010) ““Experts in the News: The differential use of sources in election television news.” Canadian Journal of Communication, 35:3.

  • Shane Gunster, ”Listening to Labour: Mainstream Media, Talk Radio and the 2005 B.C. Teacher’s Strike,” Canadian Journal of Communication Vol 33, No 4, 2008.


NewsWatch Reports

  • NewsWatch Canada Research Seminar Fall 2011 – Missing News in Canada


Project Censored Canada

  • Project Censored Canada 1996 Yearbook

  • Project Censored Canada 1995 Yearbook

  • Project Censored Canada 1994 Yearbook