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Elaina is currently a fourth year Communication major and is pursuing a minor in Interactive Arts and Technology. Throughout Elaina’s years in Communication she has taken a wide range of courses but found that her passions lie in technology and design. Aside from her studies, Elaina has held three positions in Young Women in Business (YWiB SFU) where she is currently the co-president. She is also involved in the Kappa Beta Gamma International Sorority at SFU! She has even done two co-op semesters with SFU FCAT where she planned the FCAT Undergraduate Conference in 2021 and held the FCAT CMN8 workshops. You can catch Elaina on the weekend’s getting outside doing a local hike, finding new eats, going for a swim, and walking her dog Finn!


DING! WHOOSH! What's that? Is it a plane? A bird? No... it's just a biography about a CMNS Peer Leader. Hello! I am Jim and I am very excited to meet you! I am a 2nd year student majoring in Communication. I grew up around here (Coquitlam) and I can speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, a bit of French and... English (obviously!). I enjoy reading, anime and occasionally diving into rabbit holes on YouTube more than I'd like to admit. As a relatively new, but slightly seasoned student- I can understand the feelings and experience of what it was like being a student starting this chapter of our lives. I am with you and we're in this together! I'd be happy to help, share experiences- just give me a shout. 

I hope you have a wonderful experience. Remember: Don't be shy and say hi, if you catch me around!

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Zed Chia

Undergraduate Advisor & Recruiter

E: cmns1@sfu.ca
Room: K9650 (next to BPK)