Graduate Studies in Communication

The Graduate Programs in the School of Communication offer an exciting and dynamic environment in which to study. We draw our student population from around the world, a fact that testifies to both the importance of advanced research in communication studies and to the international reputation Simon Fraser University enjoys in the field of communication. Our programs feature energetic and enthusiastic faculty dedicated to the development of global citizens who will put their education to work in progressive, meaningful causes. The School is committed to providing a varied and relevant curriculum; diligent mentorship and supervision; and myriad opportunities for dialogue, the sharing of research interests, and professional development.

The School has an enviable record of seeing its MA and PhD graduates find positions in universities, colleges, research institutes, government, and the private sector. Our graduate students are engaged in critical, cutting-edge research in fields ranging from cultural studies, to political economy, to science and technology studies. Indeed, the breadth of scholarship that characterizes the School’s graduate programs is one of the hallmarks of the our reputation for excellence on an international scale – a reputation that continues to grow as the School negotiates the many innovative directions in which our students are constantly moving. We are in every sense committed to the principles of teaching excellence; the imperative for a nuanced, critical analysis of contemporary culture; and the fostering of an intellectual climate in which our students can realize their full intellectual potential.


Contacts – MA & PhD (Communication)

Kirsten McAllister, Graduate Program Chair: 778-782-6917 /

Jason Congdon, MA & PhD Program Coordinator: 778-782-3595 /


Contacts – MA Double Degree Program (Global Communication)

Adel Iskandar, Co-director, MA Double Degree Program: 778-782-4916 /

Yuezhi Zhao, Co-director, MA Double Degree Program: 778-782-5160 /

Dora Lau, MA Double Degree Program Coordinator: 778-782-9697 /