The School of Communication offers graduate funding in several forms. For Masters and PhD students, these take the forms of Teaching Assistantships, Tutor Markerships, and Graduate Fellowships, all adjudicated at the departmental level. Tutor Marker positions are offered through communication courses offered through and administered by the Department of Distance Education. Several Private Scholarships are also available through the School as well as through the Faculty of Applied Science. Some funding in the form of Research Assistantships is also available.

All graduate students are eligible to apply for one Graduate Fellowship during the course of their study. These awards are research grants usually tendered in the early thesis writing stage (for MA students) and during the first semester of the comprehensives (for PhDs), though their tenure is flexible.

Doctoral candidates are also eligible for sessional teaching appointments through the School of Communication.

Masters Students are generally allotted four out of six semesters of funding in the form of TAships and Tutor Marker positions. For PhDs, the allotment is eight semesters out of nine.

The University offers a number of graduate awards. More information on these can be found at the SFU's office of Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Fellows.

For more information on avenues of funding through the School of Communication, please contact Jason Congdon (

For applications and terms of reference for most awards, please see the Dean of Graduate Studies Awards Page.

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