5 Places to Visit When You Have a Long-A## Break at Harbour Centre

August 10, 2022

By Kendall Spencer

After 3 years of Harbour Centre being the main campus of my class schedule, I've found a few places here and there that have aided me in getting through my longer days downtown.

Is it just me, or is it always either a 3+ hour break for Harbour Centre classes, or just a 10 minute one?

Either way if you've found yourself with a longer than desirable break this semester while at Harbour Centre, here's a few places for you to head for a change of scenery, and some great food, coffee, and study spaces.


1. The Birds & The Beets

This spot has become my favourite place to head to during my HC class breaks. It has an extensive beverage menu, some awesome food specials, and best yet, 2 floors of sitting space. This is one of the cafes/restaurants in Gastown you don't have to feel too guilty at while sitting there for multiple hours, as there's plenty of tables around for other patrons.  TIP: Looking for an energy spike? Try the oat milk lattes, DAMN.


2. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

This is another place that I love to just chill and study in. While their space is a bit smaller in size, they have a set of hugebooths for you and many other classmates to lounge in. Or you could just take up one, lay down and catch up on some shut-eye if you really need. Their Nitro Cold Brew FIRES me up for my next lecture or tutorial.


3. Prado Café

Thank you Prado, for giving us SFU Harbour Centre students not one, but twolocations of yours within a 5 block radius of each otherand campus. Both locations offer lots of table (study) space,  free wifi, and some delicious 49th Parallel coffee.  If you head to the Café + Kitchen location on Water Street, try their Mint Pea Avocado Smash Toast, its not only delicious, but Millennial-Approved.


4. PureBread

This next spot is not so much a spot for relaxing or studying, due to its constantly hectic lineups and crowds, however, their baked goods and breads are 100% worth the lineup. If you ever need to treat yourself after getting back a great paper grade, or need to perk yourself up after a not-so-great paper grade, please head to purebread. I can't even think of a specific item to recommend because everything is so good.


5. Nelson the Seagull

If you’re on a real avocado toast binge, also try Nelson the Seagull, on Carrall Street to try their own millennial-approved take on the dish. Not only is their avo toast incredible, but the space is super aesthetically appealing for your insta-feed, you’re welcome. 


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