5 Podcasts That Helped Keep Me Organized, Grounded, and Up-to-date Throughout the Semester

March 12, 2021

By Kendall Spencer

I’m 100% late to the podcast bandwagon, but I finally made it and I’m stoked. In the last few months I’ve started bingeing a few podcasts, and while I don’t like saying anything is life-changing because I think that’s extra, these podcasts have been life-changing. Here we go:

1. Chicks In The Office

Okay, seriously, this podcast is the most entertaining way to keep up with all things pop culture. Being in Communications, there's a certain amount of pressure felt to keep up-to-date with anythingand everything, even pop culture. Chicks in the Office share their unfiltered opinions on the latest pop culture gossip and drama,  and its hilarious, to say the least. Ria and Fran, the chicks in the Barstool Sports office who run the podcast mix in a few personal stories into the podcast to add some personal elements to their podcast, and it surprisingly makes it better. I'm not one to usually care about two strangers and their adventures living in New York or visiting college towns in the US, but Ria and Fran are so damn entertaining. Give it a listen, they've had some really great guests on their show as of late as well.

2.Other People's Problems

This CBC podcast is an interesting one. Each episode consists of a recorded counselling session with Vancouver Clinical Counsellor, Hillary McBride. When I first read the description of this podcast I thought, "this is probably going to be really depressing," however, trusting its high ranking in the Apple podcasts list, I gave a few episodes a chance, and I don't regret it at all. This podcast can be seriously helpful for anyone, for a range or reasons. For starters, listening to other people's problems, literally, has put things into perspective for me, it can reiterate to yourself that you are not alone in your feelings. You may find that an individual in an episode has similar feelings to you and that can, in a way, be very reassuring for lots of us. This podcast is also effective in that it can be treated as your own personal therapy/counselling session. Especially if a client in an episode has similar feelings/ and or problems and experiences to your own, Hillary McBride offers incredible insight and understanding, I have found this extremely helpful. This is a podcast that has kept me grounded throughout this, thus far, hectic semester.

3. The Current

There's so much happening in the world of politics today, its becoming increasingly hard to catch up. The Current, a podcast by CBC, provides listeners with brief, 20 minute (aprox) episodes that can catch you up on political news that impacts Canadians instantaneously. I always love listening to The Current before class so I can feel informed if any of the subjects get brought up.

4. Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development and Minimalism

Optimal Living is a really interesting concept. Often times I have the urge to buy a bunch of self-help/self-care books that will help me with personal growth, but it simultaneously strikes me that I really don't have time to be reading all of these books. Optimal Living provides you with the motivation you're yearning for from these books. What Justin Malik, the narrator of Optimal Living, does is he reads excerpts from various books on personal growth and development, and puts them into ~10 minute podcasts. These podcasts are short and sweet, and can completely change my motivation levels after one episode. There's a diverse array of podcasts for all types of circumstances. For instance, are you finding yourself struggle with the habit of procrastination?  Try listening to the episode "Four antidotes to Procrastination by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits on Getting Things Done". If you're wondering if there's a copyright issue, Justin Malik confirms that he has permission from each of the authors he quotes.

5. Calm Podcasts

This one isn't so much of a podcast, its more of an App. If you don't have the Calm App, you should seriously consider getting it, ASAP. The Calm App helps listeners cope with all sorts of feelings and emotions through podcasts, nature sounds, instrumentals, and stories. I consider this app to be a sort of mental health hub. All you really have to do is pick whether you'd like to hear music, sleep stories, or meditation podcasts. From the meditation podcast page you can pick something you'd like to work on, such as stress, inner-peace, focus, etc. Within each category, Calm provides subscribers with a plethora of podcasts to listen to in order to help them work on themselves. For about $13 a month, I have access to the incredible platform of Calm, which helps me cope with school-related stress or anxiety, interpersonal conflict, and even insomnia. This app and its podcasts have become a necessity in my life!

Happy listening!


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