Five Best Cafes by SFU Burnaby to Study, Write, and ‘Gram!

August 15, 2022
Communication students definitely have a certain aesthetic. Think Apple products galore, minimalistic notebooks, fashion forward, and coffee. Lots of it.

If studying or writing on campus isn’t cutting it for you and you’re over Starbucks, here are 5 cafes that are a quick transit ride away from SFU Burnaby to study, write, and get that perfect snapshot for your Instagram. Because let’s be real – did you reallywrite that paper on Marshall McLuhan if you didn’t get that photo of your open Macbook next to a steaming hot matcha latte?

1.     Standing Egg Coffee (4501 North Rd #109, Burnaby, BC)

Lougheed Station has a couple cafés nearby, making it an incredible place to get your caffeine fix! Standing Egg Coffee is just a quick walk from the station, and is the perfect place for all your study needs: lots of space, great coffee, and plenty of outlets for your dying laptops. Plus, they have a dedicated space for customers to keep their loyalty cards at the café – because we all know how many loyalty cards we lose in our bags and wallets!

2.     Juillet Café (4341 North Rd, Burnaby, BC)

Another gem located by Lougheed Station! Featuring long communal tables and study space by an open window, Juillet Café is a great place to have a quick team meeting. Aside from your standard café drink offerings, they have plenty of pastries and cakes for you to treat yourself to when you’ve achieved a task. As an added bonus, their loyalty card can get you a free drink, as well as some selected beauty treatments at their attached beauty centre if you’re extra patient!

3.     Connected Minds Café and Roastery (555 Clarke Rd #12, Coquitlam, BC)

Connected Minds Café and Roastery is definitely the closest café to the Burnaby campus! Located conveniently across the street from Burquitlam Station, Connected Minds is a great place for some quiet away from campus to get your studying done. Depending on what type of coffee you like, the staff at Connected Minds can create a personalized roast just for your based on your preferences. A coffee lover’s dream!

4.     Old Crow Coffee Co. (655 Front St, New Westminster, BC)

If you’re looking to travel a little further away from campus, hop on the train and take it to New West. Old Crow Coffee Co. is located on Front Street and is a delightful space with overstuffed couches and exposed brick – perfect for your Insta story! Their coffee comes from a variety of local and national roasters, and is a great place to plug your headphones in and unblock your writer’s block!

5.     Choco Coo Café (501 North Rd C, Coquitlam, BC)

For our last stop, we’ll return back to Lougheed Station for desserts and coffee galore. Choco Coo Café is an adorable and airy space that is so aesthetically pleasing you’ll have to force yourself to put your phone down! With plenty of treats to choose from, there is no shortage of study desserts for you to chow down on while you finish the last of your midterm study prep!


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