Milena Droumeva

Assistant Professor | Glenfraser Endowed Professor in Sound Studies

Milena Droumeva


  • PhD Simon Fraser University (Education)
  • MA Simon Fraser University Surrey (Interactive Arts and Technology)


Sound studies; acoustic ecology; mobile media technology; gender; sensory ethnography, cultural dimensions of sound & listening; critical studies in new media cultures - in particular feminist game studies; sonification; media creation.


Milena Droumeva is an Assistant Professor and the Glenfraser Endowed Professor in Sound Studies at Simon Fraser University specializing in mobile technologies, sound studies and multimodal ethnography. She has worked extensively in educational research on game-based learning and computational literacy, formerly as a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Research on Digital Learning at York University. Milena has a background in acoustic ecology and works across the fields of urban soundscape research, sonification for public engagement, as well as gender and sound in video games. Milena is part of the Vancouver Soundwalking Collective and has been involved in acoustic ecology, recording and soundscape research for over 14 years. Current research interests include sound ethnographies of the city, mobile cultural practices, sound in social media, sonification of social and environmental data, as well as game sound histories and design. Milena is part of Re-FIG, an international SSHRC-funded partnership exploring women's participation in gaming, working on a transmedia historical analysis of gendered sonic archetypes in games.

Milena is a former board member of the International Community on Auditory Displays, an alumni of the Institute for Research on Digital Learning at York University, and a current Research Think-Tank and Academic Advisor in learning innovation for the social enterprise InWithForward.  Most recently, Milena serves on the board and is a collaborator for the Hush City Mobile Project founded by Dr. Antonella Radicchi, and WISWOS, founded by Dr. Linda O Keeffe.