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Updated 5 June 2018

*For Global Communication Double MA Program students only.

Course Number Title and Schedule Instructor
CMNS 800-5 (G1) Contemporary Approaches in Communication Studies
[Friday, 10:30-14:20, Harbour Centre Campus room HC-1525]
Zoe Druick
CMNS 804-5 (G1) Seminar in Advanced Communication Theory 
[Monday, 10:30-14:20, BURNABY Campus room AQ-5038]
Milena Droumeva
CMNS 840-5 (G1) Political Economy of Communication 
[Thursday, 13:30-17:20, Harbour Centre Campus room HC-2290]
Enda Brophy
CMNS 844-5 (G1)*   Communication and Global Power Shifts
[Seminar: Wednesday, 13:30-17:20, Harbour Centre Campus, room HC-2290]
[Tutorial: Thursday, 9:30-12:20, Harbour Centre campus, room HC-1525]
Adel Iskandar Farag
CMNS 850-5 Directed Readings and Research Faculty
CMNS 851-5 Directed Studies Faculty
CMNS 857-5 (G1) Selected Topics: Media, Race & Surveillance: A Critical Study of Mass Incarceration
[Thursday, 18:30-22:20, Harbour Centre Campus room HC-1600]
Davina Bhandar [co-taught with CMNS 487-4 E1 for Undergrads]
CMNS 857-5 (G2) Selected Topics: The Philosophy of Technology 
[Wednesday, 13:30-17:20, Harbour Centre Campus room HC-2205]
[Mainly taught as CMNS 488-4 D1 for Undergraduate Students]
Andrew Feenberg
CMNS 858-5 (G1) Selected Topics: Frankfurt Scholars 
[Tuesday, 13:30-17:20, Harbour Centre Campus room HC-2290] [Note: Undergrads allowed to enroll with Prof. Feenberg’s consent.]
Andrew Feenberg
CMNS 880-5 Directed Readings and Research Faculty
CMNS 881-5 Research Internship Faculty
CMNS 882-5 Research Field Work Faculty
CMNS 891 Co-op Practicum I Liesl Jurock
CMNS 892 Co-op Practicum II Liesl Jurock
CMNS 895 Comprehensive Examinations Faculty
CMNS 896 MA Extended Essays Faculty
CMNS 897 MA Project Faculty
CMNS 898 MA Thesis Faculty
CMNS 899 PhD Thesis Faculty
CMNS 8CC* Global CMNS Double MA Program (only) Adel Iskandar Farag

Spring 2019

  • CMNS 801 - F.Lesage -- Burnaby
  • CMNS 815 - F.Lesage -- Great Northern Way campus
  • CMNS 855 - S.Matviyenko -- Tues at HC campus  (ST-Communicative Militarism:  Political Economy of Cyberwar)
  • CMNS 857 - K.Reilly -- HC campus (ST-Latin American Media Systems) - with CMNS 487 for ugrads.
  • CMNS 858 - S.Gunster -- HC Thurs or Friday (ST-Media, Energy & Environment).
  • CMNS 487/857-Erin Goheen-Glanville — Refugee Narratives and storytelling
  • CMNS 848 - K.McAllister -- HC (Wed pm seminar; Thurs pm tutorial) - for Global CMNS only.

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