Undergraduate Program


Make an appointment with an advisor to answer any questions you have about courses, enrollments, graduation, waiving a requirement and degree planning.

Please bring a copy of your advising transcript prior to your appointment. For time sensitive requests, please visit us during drop in hours or contact one of our advisors to schedule an appointment.

Degree Requirements & Forms

Submit forms to declare your major, joint major, minor, field placement or post-bacc diploma. Review your CMNS checklist to make sure you have all of your required courses prior to graduation. Take a look at WQB and FAN/FAL requirements to stay on track.


Review the courses being offered this semester and next semester to plan your degree. Everything regarding your courses all in one place: grading guidelines, grade conversion chart, GPA calculator, Assignment Calculator, Grade Appeal Form, Plagiarism, Directed study in CMNS and Project Group Course Proposal.