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Vesa - Global Community Projects

VESA’s humanitarian and conservation projects aim to provide direct action support to communities in parts of the world overlooked by traditional charities and aid organisations.

ECUADOR Each morning you’ll take a canoe to an indigenous community that’s otherwise inaccessible, and help out with our infrastructure and teaching projects. Your construction project mission is to build bathrooms/toilet blocks for the Indigenous communities that flank the Napo River. The education projecttakes place in the community school, where you’ll assist in teaching basic English to children aged 5-12.

FIJI ISLANDS Always dreamed of living a completely different way of life? This is your chance, in a traditional Fijian homestay. The infrastructure project will see you working right alongside the locals and VESA team to construct composts and incinerators for the village and the education project gives you the chance to teach local primary school kids geography, maths and science through basic lessons and games.

South Africa We cover a broad range of opportunities in Africa, including infrastructureeducation and wildlife conservation projects. You’ll work closely with children teaching English and basic sanitation, hygiene and nutrition through games and activities. As well as this you get the chance to reinvigorate the village facilities with a fresh coat of paint, build new play equipment and help to construct bathrooms and kitchens alongside our qualified tradespeople.

LAOS There are countless elephant programs run across Southeast Asia, and it can be tricky to know which ones are ethical and directly benefit the elephants, not the tourists. Stay in a remote elephant sanctuary (veterinary and animal sciences placements are available) and get right up close to its residents. In the rural Sayaboury region the community is suffering from a severe lack of resources. As well as teaching young children English, basic hygiene, nutrition, recycling and waste management, we’ll continue our construction project in 2020– providing a brand new three classroom building.

Check out more information or apply online at To see what current participants have to say, check out Facebook group, Volunteer Eco Students Abroad.