Theorizing the Korea Wave Conference

April 09, 2021

Theorizing the Korea Wave Conference

Simon Fraser University,  9-10 April 2021 at 5:00 PM (PST)


Day 1. April 9

Welcome Remarks
4:45-5:00 PM (PST) 

Part I. Transnationality vs. Glocal Sensibility
5:00-6:15 PM (PST) 

Chair: Tae-Jin Yoon (Yonsei University)

1. Transnational Proximity in the Korean Wave
Dal Yong Jin (Simon Fraser University)

2. Whither Transnationality? Some theoretical challenges in the Hallyu studies
Jaeho Kang (Seoul National University)

3. Glocal Sensibility: Korean Wave as a Post-Global Media Culture
Ju Oak Kim (Texas A&M International University)


Part II. Fandom, Audience, and Emotions
6:20-7:35PM (PST) 

Chair: Jaeho Kang (Seoul National University)

4. What does all these conflicts and hatred in the global fandom mean?: Re-interpretation of the Korean Wave in the era of New Normal
Tae-Jin Yoon (Yonsei University) Hyomin Lee (Yonsei University)

5. Shock and Surprise: Theorization of the Korean Wave through mediatized emotions
Irina Lyan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

6. Reconsidering Transnational Audience Studies Along with the Korean Wave
Kyong Yoon (University of British Columbia at Okanagan)


Part III. History, Digital Platforms, Shifting Hallyu Ecology
7:40-8:55PM (PST) 

Chair: Ahmed Al-Rawi (Simon Fraser University)

7. Netflix and Platform Imperialism: How Netflix alters the ecology of Korean TV drama Production
Ji Hoon Park, Kristin April Kim, Yongsuk Lee (Korea University)

8. Virtual technology in K-Drama: Augmented Reality, Mobile App, and Hologram
Jinhee Park (Faculty Associate English Department Arizona State University)

9. 20 years' history of the Korean Wave in Japan
Seongbin Hwang (Rikkyo University)


Day 2. April 10

Part IV. Race, Queer, and Labor
5:00-6:15 PM (PST) 

Chair: Ju Oak Kim (Texas A&M International University)

10. K-pop Without Koreans?: Racial Imagination and Boundary-Making in K-pop
Ji-Hyun Ahn (University of Washington Tacoma)

11. K(Q)ueer-pop: Toward a Theorization of Gender and Sexuality in Korean Pop Culture
Jungmin Kwon (Portland State University)

12. Putting “labor” in its place in the midst of the Korean wave
Changwook Kim (Handong Global University)/ Sangkyu Lee (Korea Culture & Tourism Institute)


Part V. Future Hallyu Studies: Graduate Students Session
6:20-7:35 PM (PST) 

Chair: Siyuan Yin (Simon Fraser University)

13. The family-oriented “Koreanness” embedded in the Korean Wave
SeungYun Oh (Seoul National University)

14. Black Girl Tries Korean Makeup: Korean beauty culture and transnational cultural encounters on YouTube
Dasol Kim (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

15. K-culture without ‘K’: Paradoxical nature of Korean cultural production towards the sustainability of the Korean Wave
Taeyoung Kim (Simon Fraser University)


Part VI. Roundtable- Discussion on Publication
7:40-8:40 PM (PST) 

Chair: Dal Yong Jin (Simon Fraser University)

Participants: All Presenters


Conference Organizers and Sponsors
Center for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST), SFU
School of Communication, SFU
The Academy of Korean Studies