2019 - Present

Myungsoo Jeon, Deputy Director, Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea

Current Research Project(s)

A research on the policy for innovation growth by convergence technologies


Dr. Taeyoung Yang, Senior Researcher, National Research Foundation of Korea

Current Research Project(s)

A study on analysis and utilization of policies for government R&D support in North America: Focusing on securing strategies for NRF’s R&D support


Yun-Jung Yoo, Reporter of Chosunbiz

Research Areas

Impact of bitcoin and its underlying technology blockchain

2018 - Present

Jaeseok Yang, Director of Intellectual Property Creation Strategy Division, Korean Intellectual Property Office

Current Research Project(s)

A research on the improvement of an IP dispute resolution system and on the risk management strategy for the purpose of supporting innovation in science, technology and industry