(CMNS) FCAT Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award Recipient

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While research has been a “fundamental component” of his Communication course work, Vitor hopes to further his research and academic skills beyond the bounds of a classroom setting.

For Vitor, the Fellowship Award is not just about acquiring knowledge on Prof. Druick’s research, but about learning from Prof. Druick—a “professional who has excelled in her own field—herself as a resource and an apprentice.

Eager to pursue a future Master’s degree shortly after graduation, Vitor hopes that the Fellowship will make him an appealing candidate as well as provide him with the fundamental knowledge on how to conduct academic research.

"Research is a fundamental component of the vast majority of courses I have taken at the School of Communication. After writing so many papers on a myriad of topics, I feel confident to take a step further and work on academic writing at a higher level."


  • Faculty supervisor: Zoë Druick
  • Area of study: Communication

Prof. Druick’s research involves an “investigation of database documentary that considers the history of realism, the politics of multimedia and the significance of database in new media platforms.”

Specifically, Vitor will be collecting research from library and online resources for discussion at weekly meetings with Prof. Druick. Together, they will develop a reading list of significant sources for the early stages of this project.

Through this, Vitor will gain a comprehensive understanding of documentary media while begin acquainted with new media and databases. Furthermore, he will have the opportunity to make a database piece and present at various conferences—including FCAT’s Undergraduate Conference, the CCA Conference, as well as the FSAC Conference.


Vitor: "Learn how to read and write critically!"