(CMNS) FCAT Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award Recipient

  • Learn about the FCAT Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award here. Read about the other award recipients here.

As someone with background in both communications and sociology, Kaily feels she is able to approach this opportunity with an interdisciplinary lens. Many of the courses she has taken throughout her undergraduate degree program have focused on research. However, she feels the most valuable ones were applied research courses, specifically those which focused on documentary and quantitative methods.

Kaily is acutely interested in the relationship between the labor market and social stratification. Her research project with Professor Holbrook interests her because it focuses on entrepreneurship – something often attributed with economic success.

Through this research fellowship Kaily hopes to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a graduate degree within the same field.    

"The FCAT Fellowship will provide me with hands on research experience, the opportunity to build professional and academic contacts as well as work side by side with a professor in my discipline. "


  • Faculty supervisor: Adam Holbrook
  • Area of study: Communication

Kaily will be analyzing Canadian data collected from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor survey (GEM) and the National Expert Report. Canadian analysis will focus on immigrant and female entrepreneurship rates. Kaily will also work directly with visiting faculty who will have access to the Mexican GEM data. Through this partnership they will address NAFTA initiatives through analysis of entrepreneurial rates in both countries.   

Furthermore, through this research project, Kaily will have the opportunity to present at various conferences—including FCAT’s Undergraduate Conference, and the 2013 GEM conference at Ryerson University.


Kaily: "Paid research opportunities for undergraduates, such as this, are almost unheard of. This is an opportunity that will surely give you the university experience you had only dreamed of."