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Daniel Ahadi


T: 778-782-5322
E: daniel_ahadi@sfu.ca
Room: K8647

Expertise: Ethnic media, media representation, media representation of Muslims/the Middle East, multiculturalism policy, political communication

Ahmed Al-Rawi

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-4419
E: aalrawi@sfu.ca
Room: K9653

Expertise: Social media, news, popular culture, Middle East, and global communication

Peter Anderson

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-4921
E: anderson@sfu.ca
Room: TT7804

Expertise: Communication and cultural policy, communication and sustainable development, communication to mitigate disasters, public warning systems; director, Telematics Research Lab

Jody Baker


E: jkb9@sfu.ca
Room: K9656

Expertise: Consumer culture studies, Television, Advertising, Media and ideology, Communication and social space

Ellen Balka

University Professor

T: 778-782-3764
Lab: 778-782-7296
E: ellenb@sfu.ca
Room: K9674

Expertise:  Science, technology & society theory; IT & work; health sector; technology assessment; women & ICTs

Alison Beale


T: 778-782-5160
E: beale@sfu.ca
Room: HC3561

Expertise:  Communication history, communication theory, cultural policy, feminist analysis, feminist research, film studies, video studies

Enda Brophy

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-8085
E: ebrophy@sfu.ca
Room: K9662

Expertise:  Political economy of communication; communication and social change; labour and collective organizing in the media and communication industries; autonomist marxism; digital and communicative dimensions of debt; and call centres

Peter Chow-White

Professor | Director

T: 778-782-3383
E: cmnsdir@sfu.ca / peter_chow-white@sfu.ca
Room: K9685

Expertise:  Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, social media, big data, technology and communication, internet, health, genomics and health, bioethics, biotechnology and science, social networks, race/racism

Wendy Chun

Professor | Canada 150 Research Chair

T: 778-782-7599
E: whkchun@sfu.ca
Room: TASC II 7812


Karrmen Crey

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-7289
E: kcrey@sfu.ca
Room: K9668

Expertise:  Indigenous Media (film, television etc), indigenous cultural production and representation

Milena Droumeva

Assistant Professor | Glenfraser Endowed Professor

T: 778-782-3731
E: mvdroume@sfu.ca
Room: K9678

Expertise: Soundscapes, urban design/liveability, gender and media, gender and gaming, sonification

Zoƫ Druick


T: 778-782-5398
E: druick@sfu.ca
Room: K9664

Expertise: Documentary and educational media, media institutions and infrastructures, feminist media studies, cultural theory

Andrew Feenberg

Professor | Canada Research Chair

T: 778-782-5169
E: feenberg@sfu.ca
Room: HC3598

Expertise:  Technology, internet, online education, student revolt, may events, distance learning, Japanese philosophy, online community

Sarah Ganter

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-5273
E: sganter@sfu.ca
Room: K9672

Expertise:  Platform governance, future of journalism, ethics and accountability of the media, funding models for media, public service media, digital policy, audience-industry relationships, hate speech, freedom of expression, communicative rights, media systems and audiences (European Union and Latin America).

Richard Gruneau


T: 778-782-3857
E: gruneau@sfu.ca
Room: HC3557

Expertise: Popular culture & media, communications & cultural theory

Shane Gunster

Associate Professor | Associate Director

T: 778-782-6916
E: sgunster@sfu.ca
Room: K9670

Expertise: Environmental and energy issue, activist and advocacy communication, political communication, advertising and consumer culture, critical theories of culture


Linda Harasim


T: 778-782-9252
E: harasim@sfu.ca
Room: HC3051

Expertise: Communication Technology, Informatics, Computer mediated communication, Educational technology (Media), Online education, Telelearning, Telework, Virtual learning

Sun-Ha Hong

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-4468
E: sun_ha@sfu.ca
Room: K9652

Expertise: New media, big data, smart machines, technology & society, public feelings

Adel Iskandar

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-4916
E: adel_iskandar@sfu.ca
Room: HC3553

Christopher Jeschelnik


T: 778-782-6909
E: cjeschel@sfu.ca
Room: TASC2-7460.8

Expertise: Multimodal composition and analysis; mediated dialogue; metadata and communication design; situated pedagogical design

Dal Yong Jin


T: 778-782-5116
E: djin@sfu.ca
Room: HC3555

Expertise: Globalization, transnational culture, Asian media and culture, online game and broadband, political economy of media, telecommunications

Martin Laba

Associate Professor | Associate Director

T: 778-782-5166
E: laba@sfu.ca
Room: HC3180

Expertise:  Media analysis, popular culture, ideology, social advertising, social issues communication, sociology of communication

Frederik Lesage

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-9360
E: flesage@sfu.ca
Room: K8665

Expertise:  Cultural and creative organizations, software studies, digital infrastructure, co-creative work, new media

Jan Marontate

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-5449
E: jmaronta@sfu.ca
Room: K8655

Expertise:  cultural heritage, art worlds, cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary technical communication networks, preservation of new media, cultural labour and institutions,  international cultural policy, cultural sociology and critical ethnography

Kirsten McAllister

Associate Professor | Graduate Chair

T: 778-782-6917
E: kmcallis@sfu.ca
Room: K9660

Expertise: Visual culture, cultural memory, political violence, photography, memorials, multi-media art, interviews, field work, Asylum and displaced populations, Japanese/Asian Canadian cultural studies

Gary McCarron

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-3860
E: gmccarro@sfu.ca
Room: K8645

Expertise:  Health studies, film studies, history & theory of communication, privacy & technology, advertising & consumer culture

Svitlana Matviyenko

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-4793
E: smatviye@sfu.ca
Room: K9676

Expertise:  Political economy of information, information and cyberwar, social media, mobile media, infrastructure studies, posthumanism, history and philosophy of science, cybernetics and psychoanalysis, soviet and post-soviet techno-politics

David Murphy

Senior Lecturer | Undergraduate Chair

T: 778-782-3623
E: davidcot@sfu.ca
Room: TASC2- 7460.6

Expertise:  Media and technology, media literacy and analysis, social impacts of media use , social impacts of technological developments, aesthetic design in media production

Stuart Poyntz

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-7293
E: spoyntz@sfu.ca
Room: K9654

Expertise: Digital media, youth, public sphere, children and media culture

Katherine Reilly

Associate Professor | GCMA Program Director

T: 778-782-8845
E: kreilly@sfu.ca
Room: K9682

Expertise: Global social networks, communication rights, social justice, human rights and citizenship.

Richard Smith


T: 778-782-2011
E: smith@sfu.ca
Room: MDM Great Northern Way Campus

Expertise: Information technology, internet, videogames, surveillance, mobility and society

Yuezhi Zhao

Professor | Canada Research Chair

T: 778-782-9826
E: yzhao@sfu.ca
Room: HC3510

Expertise:  Political economy of global communication, media & democracy, communication industries in China

Research Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows

Erin Goheen Glanville

Postdoctoral Researcher

T: 778-883-9762
E: egoheeng@sfu.ca