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Daniel Ahadi


T: 778-782-5322
E: daniel_ahadi@sfu.ca
Room: K8647

Expertise: Ethnic media, media representation, media representation of Muslims/the Middle East, multiculturalism policy, political communication

Ahmed Al-Rawi

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-4419
E: aalrawi@sfu.ca
Room: K8645

Expertise: Social media, news, popular culture, Middle East, and global communication

Peter Anderson

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-4921
E: anderson@sfu.ca
Room: TT7804

Expertise: Communication and cultural policy, communication and sustainable development, communication to mitigate disasters, public warning systems; director, Telematics Research Lab

Jody Baker


E: jkb9@sfu.ca
Room: K9656

Expertise: Consumer culture studies, Television, Advertising, Media and ideology, Communication and social space

Ellen Balka

University Professor

T: 778-782-3764
Lab: 778-782-7296
E: ellenb@sfu.ca
Room: K9674

Expertise:  Science, technology & society theory; IT & work; health sector; technology assessment; women & ICTs

Alison Beale


T: 778-782-5160
E: beale@sfu.ca
Room: HC3561

Expertise:  Communication history, communication theory, cultural policy, feminist analysis, feminist research, film studies, video studies

Enda Brophy

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-8085
E: ebrophy@sfu.ca
Room: K9662

Expertise:  Political economy of communication; communication and social change; labour and collective organizing in the media and communication industries; autonomist marxism; digital and communicative dimensions of debt; and call centres

Peter Chow-White

Professor | Director

T: 778-782-3383
E: cmnsdir@sfu.ca / peter_chow-white@sfu.ca
Room: K9685

Expertise:  Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, social media, big data, technology and communication, internet, health, genomics and health, bioethics, biotechnology and science, social networks, race/racism

Wendy Chun

Professor | Canada 150 Research Chair

T: 778-782-7599
E: whkchun@sfu.ca
Room: TASC II 7812


Karrmen Crey

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-7289
E: kcrey@sfu.ca
Room: K9668

Expertise:  Indigenous Media (film, television etc), indigenous cultural production and representation

Milena Droumeva

Assistant Professor | Glenfraser Endowed Professor

T: 778-782-3731
E: mvdroume@sfu.ca
Room: K9678

Expertise: Soundscapes, urban design/liveability, gender and media, gender and gaming, sonification

Zoƫ Druick


T: 778-782-5398
E: druick@sfu.ca
Room: K9664

Expertise: Documentary and educational media, media institutions and infrastructures, feminist media studies, cultural theory

Andrew Feenberg

Professor | Canada Research Chair

T: 778-782-5169
E: feenberg@sfu.ca
Room: HC3598

Expertise:  Technology, internet, online education, student revolt, may events, distance learning, Japanese philosophy, online community

Sarah Ganter

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-5273
E: sganter@sfu.ca
Room: K9672

Expertise:  Platform governance, future of journalism, ethics and accountability of the media, funding models for media, public service media, digital policy, audience-industry relationships, hate speech, freedom of expression, communicative rights, media systems and audiences (European Union and Latin America).

Shane Gunster

Associate Professor | Associate Director

T: 778-782-6916
E: sgunster@sfu.ca
Room: K9670

Expertise: Environmental and energy issue, activist and advocacy communication, political communication, advertising and consumer culture, critical theories of culture


Linda Harasim


T: 778-782-9252
E: harasim@sfu.ca
Room: HC3051

Expertise: Communication Technology, Informatics, Computer mediated communication, Educational technology (Media), Online education, Telelearning, Telework, Virtual learning

Sun-Ha Hong

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-4468
E: sun_ha@sfu.ca
Room: K9652

Expertise: New media, big data, smart machines, technology & society, public feelings

Adel Iskandar

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-4916
E: adel_iskandar@sfu.ca
Room: HC3553

Christopher Jeschelnik


T: 778-782-6909
E: cjeschel@sfu.ca
Room: TASC2-7460.8

Expertise: Multimodal composition and analysis; mediated dialogue; metadata and communication design; situated pedagogical design

Dal Yong Jin


T: 778-782-5116
E: djin@sfu.ca
Room: HC3555

Expertise: Globalization, transnational culture, Asian media and culture, online game and broadband, political economy of media, telecommunications

Martin Laba

Associate Professor | Associate Director

T: 778-782-5166
E: laba@sfu.ca
Room: HC3180

Expertise:  applied communication for social issues, media and popular culture, communication and media for public engagement and social change, media advocacy, media education and digital culture, pedagogy and educational futures

Frederik Lesage

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-9360
E: flesage@sfu.ca
Room: K8665

Expertise:  Cultural and creative organizations, software studies, digital infrastructure, co-creative work, new media

Jan Marontate

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-5449
E: jmaronta@sfu.ca
Room: K8655

Expertise:  cultural heritage, art worlds, cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary technical communication networks, preservation of new media, cultural labour and institutions,  international cultural policy, cultural sociology and critical ethnography

Kirsten McAllister

Associate Professor | Graduate Chair

T: 778-782-6917
E: kmcallis@sfu.ca
Room: K9660

Expertise: Visual culture, cultural memory, political violence, photography, memorials, multi-media art, interviews, field work, Asylum and displaced populations, Japanese/Asian Canadian cultural studies

Gary McCarron

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-3860
E: gmccarro@sfu.ca
Room: K8645

Expertise:  Health studies, film studies, history & theory of communication, privacy & technology, advertising & consumer culture

Svitlana Matviyenko

Assistant Professor

T: 778-782-4793
E: smatviye@sfu.ca
Room: K9676

Expertise:  Political economy of information, information and cyberwar, social media, mobile media, infrastructure studies, posthumanism, history and philosophy of science, cybernetics and psychoanalysis, soviet and post-soviet techno-politics

David Murphy

Senior Lecturer | Undergraduate Chair

T: 778-782-3623
E: davidcot@sfu.ca
Room: TASC2- 7460.6

Expertise:  Media and technology, media literacy and analysis, social impacts of media use , social impacts of technological developments, aesthetic design in media production

Stuart Poyntz

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-7293
E: spoyntz@sfu.ca
Room: K9654

Expertise: Digital media, youth, public sphere, children and media culture

Katherine Reilly

Associate Professor | GCMA Program Director

T: 778-782-8845
E: kreilly@sfu.ca
Room: K9682

Expertise: Global social networks, communication rights, social justice, human rights and citizenship.

Richard Smith


T: 778-782-2011
E: smith@sfu.ca
Room: MDM Great Northern Way Campus

Expertise: Information technology, internet, videogames, surveillance, mobility and society

Yuezhi Zhao

Professor | Canada Research Chair

T: 778-782-9826
E: yzhao@sfu.ca
Room: HC3510

Expertise:  Political economy of global communication, media & democracy, communication industries in China

Research Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows

Erin Goheen Glanville

Postdoctoral Researcher

T: 778-883-9762
E: egoheeng@sfu.ca