Katherine Reilly

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-8845
E: kreilly@sfu.ca
Room: K9682


  • Ph.D in Political Science, Comparative Development, University of Toronto
  • MPPA (Public Policy and Administration) focused on Developing Countries, Carleton University, Ottawa
  • Hns. BES (Environmental Studies) with a double major in Economics, York University, Toronto

Currently Teaching


Future courses may be subject to change.


Selected Works

K. Reilly (2015) CMNS346 Development Communication’s evaluation of Public Engagement during International Development Week 2015. A report prepared for the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation.

Interview by Jose Elosegi.  Radio Mundo Real bajo la lupa: Publican investigación sobre nuestra radio: entrevista a responsables y compartimos los resultados. Uruguay: Radio Mundo Real, March 2015.

K. Reilly (2015) Building an Ontological Bridge between the Community Informatics and Open Development Research Agendas.  Journal of Community Informatics.  Under review.

K. Reilly (2015) Canada’s Development Partnerships Model: 
Modelling Geo-Strategic Public Diplomacy
.  Presented at Public Diplomacy and Development Communications.  USC Annenberg Center on Public Diplomacy, February 27-28.

K. Reilly and R. McMahon (2015) Quality of Openness: 
Evaluating the Contributions of IDRC’s Information and Networks Program to Open Development
.  Ottawa: International Development Research Centre.

What’s Canadian about International Development? An Election Year Conversation.  In celebration of the 25th anniversary of International Development Week.  Simon Fraser Univesrity, February 5, 2015.

K. Reilly (2014) A Mysterious Lack of Geopolitical Struggle: Transportation Logistics and the Geopolitics of Information in South America.  Paper accepted for presentation at the International Communication Association Annual Conference, May 21-25, 2015, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  (See presentation of this paper for the 2015 ALAIC Summer School below.)

K. Reilly and B. Febres Cordero (2014) Radio Mundo Real (2003-2013): el rol de la comunicación en resistencia en la cambiante coyuntura geopolítica de América Latina.  A report prepared for Radio Mundo Real, Montevideo, Uruguay.

K. Reilly and C. McCluskie (2014) CMNS346 Report on the Global Hive Initiative. A report prepared for the British Colombia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC).

K. Reilly (2014) Emergent Latin American Theories of International Communication in a Post-Global World.  Special Issue: Communication and Media Studies: The Regional Dialogue.  Journal of Latin American Communication Research, 4(1), 38-54.

M. Smith and K. Reilly (2014). Open Development: Networked Innovations in International Development. MIT Press.

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K. Reilly (2014) Developmental Bodies and the Occupation of Time: Theorizing Gender Solidarity in Times of Global Power Shift. International Journal of Communication. Vol 7.

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Gomez, R., J. Martinez, and K. Reilly, “What’s Beyond Connectivity? Reflections on IDRC’s PAN Networking Program for Latin America and the Caribbean,” Cooperation South, 2001.



Broadly speaking, Dr. Reilly’s research is in the area of international and development communication with a particular focus on Latin America.

Before starting doctoral studies, she worked as a freelance researcher on ICT4D (information and communications technologies for development) in Latin America with various organizations including the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Social Sciences Research Council (SSRC), the Bellanet Secretariat, the Access Foundation of Costa Rica, the Foundation for Networks and Development of the Dominican Republic (FUNREDES), among others. Much of this work considered the ways in which Latin American civil society was taking up new digital communications technologies, and how this impacted their engagement with democratization and transnational political processes.

Her dissertation research on ‘Open Networking in Central America’ studied the case of the Mesoamerican People’s Forum, the Central American emanation of the World Social Forum.  This research looked at how the idea or discourse of openness was being taken up by transnational social movements, what this meant for changing practices of power in the region, and implications for cognitive justice.

Since starting at SFU, Dr. Reilly has produced an edited volume on ‘Open Development’ with IDRC which outlines a shift in thinking in information age development interventions from ICT4D to Open Development.  She is currently (fall 2014) supervising a large meta evaluation of IDRC’s research in the area of open development.

In addition, Dr. Reilly has two research projects. The first is a history of community media in Vancouver (collaboratively with Dr. Stuart Poyntz). The beta-version of this project is available at http://pages.cmns.sfu.ca/timeline.  This project aims to produce an edited volume about the history of community media in Canada appropriate for classroom use.  The second considers localized processes of Latin American media reform from the perspective of IPEC.  This project will produce a manuscript about the geopolitics of information in Latin America.

Both of these projects take historically informed approaches to thinking about the local in the context of the global. This includes thinking about how a localized researcher engages in thinking about globally integrated processes, which implies consideration of how epistemology mediates the relationship between communication and global social justice.