Our Staff

What makes us different is the inspiring, dedicated, creative people behind our school.

Office Administrative Staff

Manjeet Gill


T: 778-782-7687
E: cmnsmgr@sfu.ca
Room: K9683

Wendy Addison

Temp Secretary

T: 778-782-3687
E: cmnstemp@sfu.ca
Room: K9671

Brenda Baldwin

Director's Assistant

T: 778-782-3470
E: bebaldwi@sfu.ca
Room: K9681

Jill Baryluk

Temporary Budget Assistant

T: 778-782-6508
E: jildab@sfu.ca
Room: K9671

Amy Soo


T: 778-782-3117
E: amys@sfu.ca
Room: K9671

Graduate Advisors

Jason Congdon

Graduate Program Coordinator
(MA and PhD)

T: 778-782-3595
E: gradcmns@sfu.ca
Room: K9661

Dora Lau

Program Manager
(Global Communication MA Double Degree)

T: 778-782-9697
E: cmnscuc@sfu.ca
Room: HCC3574

Undergraduate Advisors

Denise Vanderwolf

Undergraduate Advisor

T: 778-782-2098
E: cmns1@sfu.ca
Room: K9665

Ella Wong

Undergraduate Advisor

T: 778-782-2108
E: cmns2@sfu.ca
Room: K9669

Sami Lee

Undergraduate Advisor

T: 778-782-2108
E: cmns3@sfu.ca
Room: K9669


Who Should I See?

Advisors are assigned to you. However, if your questions or situation is time sensitive, please visit any of us during drop in hours.

Communication and Marketing

Grace Hui

Digital Content Manager

T: 778-782-3855
Marketing / Comms Request: cmnscomm@sfu.ca
E: grace_hui_2@sfu.ca
Room: K9677

Anh Phan

Social Media Coordinator

Marketing / Comms Request: cmnscomm@sfu.ca


Brian Langdeau

Technical Manager

T: 778-782-2012
Technical Request: cmnstech@sfu.ca
E: langdeau@sfu.ca
Room: K8643

Courtney Pederson

Production Technologist

T: 778-782-7353
Technical Request: cmnstech@sfu.ca
E: capeders@sfu.ca
Room: K7642

Co-op Staff

Liesl Jurock

Co-op Coordinator

T: 778-782-5542
E: lrjurock@sfu.ca
Room: K9655

Sara Sethna Kandathil

Co-op Coordinator

T: 778-782-2107
E: ssethna@sfu.ca
Room: K9655

Sangita Mudaliar

Program Assistant

T: 778-782-5367
E: sangitam@sfu.ca
Room: K9657