Our Staff

Please note for the Spring 2021 semester, the School of Communication phone lines and voicemails are not being monitored. Please send an email to the staff member you are trying to reach. All contact emails are listed below.

Office Administrative Staff

Manjeet Gill


E: cmnsmgr@sfu.ca
Room: K9683

Manjeet can help with:

  • All financial, budget and expense approvals and matters
  • Sessional instructors, Term lecturers & Teaching Assistants
  • SFU Academic and Aministrative policies and procedures
  • Course scheduling and space assignment
  • Hiring staff

Dimple Patel

Administrative Coordinator

E: cmnscord@sfu.ca
Room: K9673

Dimple can help with:

  • Research grants administration
  • Tri-Council funding use guidelines
  • Grant funding and Research contracts funding use guidelines
  • Hiring Research funded Personnel(RA's and Post Docs)
  • Purchasing requisitions
  • Online business and travel expense claims
  • C-card reconcilitation

Brenda Baldwin

Director's Assistant

E: cmnsdsec@sfu.ca
Room: K9681

Brenda can help with:

  • Arranging meetings with the Director
  • Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments
  • Renewal, Tenure and Promotion
  • Salary Review
  • Study Leaves and other leaves
  • School Nominated Undergraduate Scholarships/Awards
  • External Reviews

Michael Griffith

Program Assistant/Secretary

E: cmnsasst@sfu.ca
Room: K9665

Michael can help with:

  • General administrative support
  • Questions relating to University Administrative policies and procedures
  • Online travel and business expense claim preparation and support
  • Semesterly book orders, access to instructor copies

Audrey Ling

Undergraduate Program Assistant

T: 778-782-3117
E: cmnsgen@sfu.ca
Room: K9671

Audrey can help with:

  • Undergraduate programs and curriculum administration
  • Course offerings and advising referrals
  • General administrative support
  • Questiions relating to University administrative policies and procedures

Graduate Advisors

Jason Congdon

Graduate Program Coordinator 
(MA and PhD)

T: 778-782-3595
E: gradcmns@sfu.ca
Room: K9669

Jason can help with:

  • Primary resource for the CMNS Graduate Program
  • Graduate student record, registration policy, leave terms, procedures and fees
  • Graduate scholarship and fellowship application process
  • Graduate program and thesis defence requirements and process
  • The semi-annual graduate student review process
  • Graduate student orientation sessions

Robert Chireboah-Ansah

Program Coordinator
(Global Communication MA Double Degree)

Room: HC3551

Robert can help with:

  • Primary resource for the CMNS Global Communication MA (GCMA) Double Degree program
  • GCMA graduate student records, leave terms
  • Information policies and procedures related to the GCMA program
  • GCMA student registration policy, procedure and fees
  • The graduate student orientation sessions

Undergraduate Advisors

Zed Chia

Undergraduate Advisor & Recruiter

E: cmns1@sfu.ca
Room: K9650 (next to BPK)

Zed can help with:

  • Undergraduate academic advising
  • Registration, course add/drops, degree requirement checklists, letter of permission
  • Internal transfers to CMNS and transfers from other colleges and Universities
  • Undergraduate recruitment strategies and analytics
  • Under graduate recruitment event coordination

Joti Muker

Undergraduate Advisor

E: cmns2@sfu.ca
Room: K9650 (next to BPK)

Sami Lee

Undergraduate Advisor

E: cmns3@sfu.ca
Room: K9650 (next to BPK)

Sami can help with:

  • Undergraduate academic advising
  • Course enrollment, add/drops, degree requirement checlist, waivers, and appeals
  • Degree planning for CMNS student in 3rd and 4th year
  • Important SFU academic deadlines and dates
  • Referrals to other support services at SFU

Communication and Marketing

Emma Keeler-Dugas

Digital Content Manager

Marketing / Comms Request: cmnscomm@sfu.ca
Room: K9677

Emma can help with:

  • Website updates
  • Student, Research, Faculty and Alumni news stories
  • Social media requests
  • Internal Faculty and Staff communication requests
  • Communication project support
  • Special events


Brian Langdeau

Technical Manager

Technical Request: cmnstech@sfu.ca
E: langdeau@sfu.ca
Room: K8651

Brian can help with:

  • General technical support and hardware and software recommendations
  • Technical equipment sourcing and purchasing
  • Computing and specialized course-specific equipment inventory maintenance
  • Video conferencing needs assesment/recommendations


Alexandre Klinke

Technical Support

Technical Request: cmnstech@sfu.ca
E: aklinke@sfu.ca
Room: TBD

Alex can help with:

  • Hardware and software issues
  • Provisioning of some software and hardware
  • Gneeral desktop support and troubleshooting

Co-op Staff

Liesl Jurock

Co-op Coordinator

E: lrjurock@sfu.ca
Room: K9655

Liesl can help with:

  • Advising and coaching Communication Co-op students on career job and job search
  • Liasing with employers seeking to post Co-op job opportunities
  • Supporting current Communication Co-op students and employers during Co-op work terms

Sara Sethna

Co-op Coordinator

E: ssethna@sfu.ca
Room: K9655

Sara can help with:

  • Advising and coaching Communication Co-op students on career job and job search
  • Liasing with employers seeking to post Co-op job opportunities
  • Supporting current Communication Co-op students and employers during Co-op work terms

Sangita Mudaliar

Program Assistant

E: sangitam@sfu.ca
Room: K9657

Sangita can help with:

  • Responding to inquiries from Communication students interested in joining the Co-op program
  • Processing new applications to Co-op and Co-op work permit letters
  • Administering Co-op processes for students and employers