SFU Communicators

Looking for a specific SFU Communicator? Here is a round-up of key contacts across our three campuses.

Faculties, Departments and Schools






Faculty of Applied Sciences

Suraaj Aulakh Assistant Director, Science Communications and Marketing
778.782.7029 fascomms@sfu.ca
  Cindy Li
Communications Coordinator 778.782.7029 fas_writer@sfu.ca
  Yan Li Multimedia Coordinator 778.782.7029 fas_multimedia@sfu.ca

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Ashley (Ash) Tanasiychuk Marketing and Communications Director
778.782.9983 fasscd@sfu.ca
  Christine Lyons Communications Officer 778.782.9415 christine_lyons@sfu.ca

School of Criminology

Adriana Gonzalez Braniff Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.4325 crimcomm@sfu.ca

School of Computing Science

Andrew Ringer
Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.7097 cscomms@sfu.ca

Department of Economics

Carmen Chin Communications Officer
778.782.5824 econcomm@sfu.ca

Department of English

Rebecca Saloustros
Communications Coordinator 778.782.7164 englcmns@sfu.ca

French Cohort Program + Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA)

Anne Marie Gagne Communications, Marketing & Student Recruitment 778.782.7645 baff_comm@sfu.ca

Department of Gerontology and the Gerontology Research Centre

Lindsay Sands


Kevin Wagner

Communications Coordinator, Alumni Outreach and Community


Gerontology Research Centre Communications Officer







Global Asia Program

Jonathan Gudlaugson Communications and Event Coordinator 778.782.5512 histcomm@sfu.ca

Graduate Liberal Studies

Huyen Pham Communications Coordinator 778.782.5855 humcomms@sfu.ca

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies

Lauren Gilbert Coordinator, outreach and community engagement 778.782.8466 lgilbert@sfu.ca

Department/Institute of Humanities

Huyen Pham Communications Coordinator 778.782.5855 humcomms@sfu.ca

Department of History

Jonathan Gudlaugson Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.5512 histcomm@sfu.ca

School for International Studies

Caylin Barrett Communications and Event Coordinator 778.782.3244 comms@sfu.ca

Labour Studies Program

Dasha Cotic-Ehn Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.7077 sacomm@sfu.ca

Department of Linguistics

Shamina Senaratne Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.7127 lingcomm@sfu.ca

Department of Philosophy

Jason Leardi Communications Coordinator
778.782.5096 philcomm@sfu.ca

Department of Political Science

Rebecca Saloustros
Communications Coordinator
778.782.7190 polcmns@sfu.ca

Department of Psychology

Emily Co
Communications and Student Affairs Coordinator
778.782.5898 psyccomm@sfu.ca

School of Public Policy

Lindsay Sands Communications Coordinator, Alumni Outreach & Community   lsands@sfu.ca

Department of Sociology & Anthropology

Dasha Cotic-Ehn Communications and Events Coordinator 778.782.7077 sacomm@sfu.ca

Urban Studies Program

Lindsay Sands Communications Coordinator, Alumni Outreach & Community   lsands@sfu.ca

Beedie School of Business

Cindy P. Li Communications and Public Relations Manager
778.782.9492 bsb_media@sfu.ca

Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Tessa Perkins Deneault
Communications Manager 778.782.2133 tcp@sfu.ca
  Kim Hockey
Associate Director, Community and Alumni Relations
  Emma Keeler-Dugas Manager, Communications and Strategy   emma_keeler-dugas@sfu.ca

School of Communication

Kara Toews
Digital Content Manager
778.782.3855 kara_toews@sfu.ca

School for the Contemporary Arts

Brady Cranfield Communications Assistant
778.782.9561 scaweb@sfu.ca

Faculty of Education

Melissa Hudson

Communications Manager 778.782.9036 mhudson@sfu.ca
  Allen Quinn
Communications Associate 778.782.7381 aquinn@sfu.ca

Faculty of Environment

Laurie Wood

Manager, Community Engagement and Research Initiatives 778.782.9235 lauriew@sfu.ca
    Multimedia Coordinator 778.782.6599 fenvca@sfu.ca

Faculty of Health Sciences

Sharon Mah
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
778.782.9947 fhscomm@sfu.ca

School of Interactive Arts and Technology

Clare Slipiec Communications Associate

Faculty of Science

Carolyn Peachey
Director of Marketing and Communications
778.782.7234 carolyn_peachey@sfu.ca


Erin Brown-John Communications Officer   778.782.7234

Other SFU Departments






Academic, VP

Rosetta Cannata
Associate Director, Communications and Marketing
778.782.6561 vpacomms@sfu.ca


Ted Peterson Senior Director Marketing and Communications
778.782.3353 ted_peterson@sfu.ca

Alumni Relations

Allison Lambert Marketing Officer
778.782.5343 allison_lambert@sfu.ca

Ancillary Services

Taylor Assion
Manager of Marketing and Sustainability
604.700.7530 tay_assion@sfu.ca


Lakshmi Gosyne Communication and Engagement Coordinator 778.782.4182 apsacomm@sfu.ca


Steve Frost Sports Information Director 778.782.4057 sfrost@sfu.ca

SFU's Big Data Hub

Michael Chang
Communications and Marketing Officer
778-888-6612 bdi_comms@sfu.ca

Community Engagement

Janet Yan Communications Officer
778.782.8817 janet_yan@sfu.ca
  Chris Yakimov Associate Director, Digital Community Engagement
778.782.7550 cyakimov@sfu.ca

Continuing Studies

Rachel Bennett
Marketing and Communications Director
778.782.5088 rachel_bennett@sfu.ca
  Kim Mah
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
778.782.8854 kim_mah@sfu.ca

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Stacey Makortoff Communications Officer 778.782.6829 stacey_makortoff@sfu.ca

Health and Counselling  

Jaclyn Hayward
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
778.782.4692  jrj5@sfu.ca

SFU International

  VPRI C&M Team
778-782-3550 vpri-communications@sfu.ca


Chloe Riley Library Communications Officer

Office for Aboriginal Peoples

Gary George
Community Relations Officer   778.782.8925 ggeorge@sfu.ca

Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs

Anne Marie Gagné
Communications, Marketing and Student Recruitment Coordinator 778.782.7645 baff_comm@sfu.ca
  Sandie Lafleur Coordinator – Recruitment and Student Life 778.782.7643 frecruit@sfu.ca

Public Square

Doug Hamilton-Evans Research and Communications Coordinator 778.782.4944 doug_he@sfu.ca


Chloe Sjuberg
Communications Coordinator

Research and International, VP

Tia O'Grady Director, Communications and Marketing 778.782.3550 tia_ogrady@sfu.ca
    VPRI C&M Team 778.782.3550 vpri-communications@sfu.ca

Residence and Housing

Leon Kalligerakis Marketing and Communications Manager   leonk@sfu.ca
  Mark Romain
Communications Associate   mark_romain@sfu.ca

Safety and Risk Services

Bonnie Kwan
Communications Officer
236.880.6342 bonnie_kwan@sfu.ca

SFU's Surrey Campus

Rachel Wong
Communications and Engagement Coordinator
778.751.5406 rcw8@sfu.ca

SFU's Vancouver Campus

Sophie Ni Communications and Event Assistant
778.782.3407 vanadmin@sfu.ca
  Kelsie Fo Communications and Engagement Coordinator
778.782.9343 kfa3@sfu.ca

SFU Venture Labs

Vivien Lee Marketing Manager
604-729-4747 vivien@venturelabs.ca

SFU Woodward's Cultural Programs

Halla Bertrand Marketing Coordinator   sfuw@sfu.ca

Student Services

Byron Henry Communication Services Director
778.782.3214 henry@sfu.ca
  Leanne Dalton
Senior Director, Student Success and Strategic Support
778.782.7367 ldalton@sfu.ca

SFU Sustainability

Pamela Lim
Communications and Marketing Manager 778-782-3550 pamela_lim@sfu.ca
    VPRI C&M Team
778-782-3550 vpri-communications@sfu.ca

Teaching and Learning Centre

Mark Bachmann Communications Officer
778.782.9247 mbachmann@sfu.ca

Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection

Vivien Lee Marketing and Communications Coordinator
778.782.7497 vc_comms@sfu.ca

SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement

Melissa Roach
Communications Coordinator 778.782.9817 ce_communications@sfu.ca

Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue

Kareen Wong
Communications Manager 778.782.9986 kareen_wong@sfu.ca

Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship

Jesika Kula Communications Coordinator
778.833.3945 jkula@sfu.ca