Meet a communicator – 5 questions with Chloe Riley

October 07, 2020

Name: Chloe Riley (she/her)

Department: SFU Library

Title: Library Communications Officer

Q1: How and when did you arrive at SFU?

I’ve worked in libraries since 2010, when I started out by shelving books in a public library. I’ve since gone to school for my MLIS degree to become a librarian, and have now been working at SFU Library for over four years. In my time at SFU, I’ve held a variety of positions with steadily increasing communications responsibilities, including social media coordination and programming. In June, I officially took on the role of Library Communications Officer.

Working at SFU Library is actually a return to SFU for me! I’m an alumnus who graduated with my MA in English Literature.

Outside of libraries, I’ve worked as an organic produce wholesaler, independent bookseller, and research assistant.

Q2: What attracted you to communications work?

As a lifelong writer and reader, I love stories and storytelling! The ability for stories to inspire, teach, connect, and facilitate change is the foundation of why communications work appeals to me.

Q3: What achievement at SFU are you most proud of? (and why?) And what are your work priorities?

I’m proud to have successfully launched the Library’s new Non-Fiction Writer in Residence program this fall.

As for work priorities, I value collaboration and openness, and look forward to bringing those values to my new communications position! I’m very interested in developing a communications strategy for the Library that centres EDI and equity-based communication.

Q4: What advice do you have for new communicators?

As someone who is also still new to the communications field myself, I highly recommend asking questions and connecting with colleagues. I strongly believe we can all grow through ongoing and continuous learning.

Q5: What is one thing about yourself that would surprise most people?

I like making homemade jam, doing quirky jigsaw puzzles (UFO Victorian Ladies is a new favourite!), playing board games, and reading (I love exchanging recommendations for fantasy, historical fiction or romance). I have a cat, and aspire to have even more pets one day.