This workshop delivers tips and tricks for writing better headlines

November 18, 2020

Eighty per cent of readers never read beyond your headline. That doesn’t leave much of an audience for the article you’ve spent hours writing. Yet for most writers, headlines are a last-minute chore before pressing ‘activate’ on their stories. They spend little time on crafting captivating headlines that entice readers to read further.

Learn how to write headlines that do entice your audience to read further. In C&M’s 1.5-hour Zoom workshop, “Tips and Tricks for Writing Better Headlines,” led by Diane Luckow, you’ll discover how and why psychology can improve your headline-writing. You’ll learn to critically assess headlines and improve them. And you’ll participate in hands-on activities to hone your headline-writing skills.

So please join us on Zoom on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021 from 10 to 11 a.m.