SFU LiveWhale gets user-experience overhaul

August 27, 2020

We are excited to share that SFU’s LiveWhale Calendaring platform has been updated to provide communicators with a more customizable and user-friendly experience.

What is it?

LiveWhale Calendaring is used to publish events to SFU's main calendar (www.sfu.ca/events) and to your own departmental listing. All SFU departments have access to LiveWhale Calendar accounts. The update contains several features that are beneficial to communicators hosting events via LiveWhale.

What’s New?

The back-end of LiveWhale Calendar has a renewed look!

  • LiveWhale’s new user-interface presents updated colours and fonts, alongside a new main-navigation toolbar.

General upgrades to accessibility

  • All your events, RSVPs, images, locations, and anything else an everyday publisher might need can now be immediately accessed through the new toolbar.
  • The toolbox is now only for communicators with admin access, and contains more advanced system-wide settings than before.
  • Email notifications are now fully customizable. Each notification type has a unique template which you can duplicate and customize via your _ingredients folder.
  • For communicators who prefer editing their event’s HTML code, the source code editor will now automatically convert empty header tags (h1 – h6) into empty paragraph tags in order to preserve visual space.

Event editor upgrades

  • RSVP counts for your events are now immediately displayed in the “Your Events” dropdown of LiveWhale.
  • While editing any event, its RSVP count will also be displayed within the editor.
  • Events can now be created and scheduled for publication at a later date.

Upgrades to image collections

  • You can now add images to multiple collections for better organization and ease of access
  • You can now search for images without captions via a new back-end filter
  • Automatic collections: Shared images, added to eEvents, added to profile, etc., are some of the image collections that LiveWhale will automatically create for you.