New Changes to the SFU Events Calendar and Eventbrite Guide

January 29, 2021

We wanted to share some important changes to the SFU Events Calendar (LiveWhale), and Eventbrite.

What's New?

Events posted to Eventbrite will no longer be automatically posted to the SFU Events calendar hosted on the LiveWhale platform.

When does this change take place?

Right now!

What does this mean for my events?  

If you want to promote your Eventbrite event on the SFU Events calendar you will need to manually add it using LiveWhale. Read the SFU Events Calendar instructions to learn more about promoting your event through the SFU Events Calendar.

Do I use EventBrite or LiveWhale?

  • If your event is public and requires paid tickets and/or seating arrangements, please use Eventbrite.
  • If your event is available only to the SFU community, and only requires registration, please use the SFU Websurvey.
  • If your event requires none of the above, please use Livewhale to promote it.

What else is new in Eventbrite

  • We updated our guide to reflect Eventbrite's new user-interface. Please take some time to review the updated guide.
  • You can now access your department's unique event templates even easier.
  • You can also access all your event settings in an easier-to-navigate dashboard.

Where can I learn how to use Eventbrite and LiveWhale?

Visit the Communicators' Toolkit for detailed instructions on how and when to use Eventbrite and the SFU Events Calendar.


If you have any questions regarding these changes, or how to use these platforms just email us.