Guides for communicators

We are continually working on resources to support you in achieving excellence in strategic communication for your department. In this section, you'll find guides to a number of areas such as storytelling (what makes a good story?), media (how can you alert the media to a story?) and communication projects (what's the best way to manage activities). 

Editorial style guide

Our editorial style guide will help you quickly learn SFU’s writing style. This supports consistent writing across SFU.  

Website project guide

Everything you need to know to successfully plan a site launch: capacity planning, process and CMS templates.

Social media

Learn more about setting up a social media account, best practices, guidelines and policies around social media at SFU.

Communication strategy

Learn more about the different types of strategies you might need for communications.

Media guide

There are a number of ways to reach out to the media. Become comfortable with them, using our media guide.

Website content guide

From content strategy, to writing, to testing your site, find the resources you need to start and maintain your website.

Project management

You can use a number of methods to ensure that your communication project stays on track. Here are just a few.

What makes a good story?

Once you're thoroughly familiar with our editorial style guide, check out our storytelling guides. They explain what makes a good story and how to craft excellent messaging.

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