Where units fit

The criteria outlined below should be used to determine where an SFU unit fits within the brand architecture system.

The cornerstone of the brand architecture is the institutional SFU logo, which functions as the consistent anchor for all units’ logos. The category in which the unit falls defines the approach to the design of each logo.

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Principle: Establishes and builds recognition for the SFU brand with all audiences.

The institutional SFU logo is used on internal and external brand communications that speak to the university as a whole.

Institutional SFU logo
Institutional SFU logo – out-of-province

Academic Units

Principle: Clarity for all stakeholders, especially those outside the institution.

These are the core elements of SFU’s academic offering. Importance and prestige need to be protected here. There are two logos in this category: formal and informal academic unit logo.

Elements: Faculties, departments and schools.


The formal academic unit logo is used to identify individual academic units and their operational function. Each academic unit gets the use of a formal logo.

These formal versions are intended for communications that require an understanding of the operational function of the unit, and/or official communications.


Formal academic unit logo


Informal academic unit logos have been developed for use on communications that don’t require an understanding of the operational unit. They are the preferred version as their simplified text and bold design highlight the breadth of studies at SFU and bring to life our unconventional values.

The use of informal logos by faculties, departments and schools is at the discretion of the deans.

Informal academic unit logo

NOTE: There is no informal logo for two-level logo lockups.


Principle: Does it serve SFU’s overall vision and ambition?

These initiatives sit alongside the core academic offering. They bring to life the idea of engagement, they are unconventional and fearless. The balance is between the unique offering (purpose/market relevance) and equity transfer to/from the SFU brand.

Elements: Initiatives and key entities with brand experience potential.

Extension logo


Principle: Ensure SFU brand is being used consistently.

These are entities associated with SFU. They are looking to use the brand name at some level but fall outside the direct control of Communications & Marketing.

Elements: Supplementary services and retail.

Associated logo for SFU Spirit Shop

Campus support services

Principle: Identify day-to-day functional support services on campus.

The institutional SFU logo clearly identifies staff and equipment on campus for safety and security reasons. The use of this logo builds pride for these essential, day-to-day, functional support services.

Campus support services institutional logo

Student success services

Principle: Identify core support services for students during their studies at SFU.

These are core services that support students in their bid for academic and personal success.

The use of these informal logos is at the discretion of the vice-provost, students and international.

Student success services informal logo