Brand DNA

How to use the brand DNA and message framework

The brand DNA is a tool that informs all internal stakeholders about our organization’s branding and positioning.

It provides everyone with a strategic message framework that defines what makes the organization unique and competitive; and should help guide all brand applications.

The brand DNA is a useful tool to orient communicators, new employees, faculty, volunteers, board members and other key internal stakeholders.

The messages are the heart of the brand DNA. These messages are for use by all "ambassadors" of the organization: the Communications & Marketing team; those in leadership positions (often through presentations and in-person communications); and human resources (the team that recruits new employees) — as well as employees, board members, leaders, volunteers and faculty.

The messages can inform all formal and informal communications including:

  • marketing collateral and advertising
  • websites and digital communication
  • speeches, talks and PowerPoint presentations
  • government relations, grant applications, recruitment materials, educational materials
  • annual reports, campaigns and outreach programs