Brand DNA

Message framework

We are Canada’s engaged university.

  • Engagement is part of everything we do, and the strong foundation for our student experience and excellence in research.
  • Our commitment to engagement informs how we mobilize knowledge and further our contribution to citizenship in local communities across Canada and around the world.
  • We engage with communities, organizations and partners to create, share and embrace knowledge that improves life and generates real change.

We educate change makers, visionaries and passionate problem-solvers.

  • Our academic mission incorporates intellectual growth, individual exploration, interdisciplinary education and experiential learning.
  • We integrate academic intensity with unparalleled flexibility.
  • We teach students how to fuse critical thinking, compassion and collaboration, no matter their discipline or career path.
  • We give students the tools to create change by helping them realize their efficacy and capacity as citizens.

We deliver academic and research excellence.

  • Our students receive a world-class, interdisciplinary education culminating in a degree that has lifelong value.
  • Our researchers engage in a broad spectrum of knowledge creation, from understanding our origins, to investigating timely economic, environmental and societal issues.
  • Our research is informed by community input.
  • We are building a strong academic culture that benefits from the depth of our research excellence, and our strong partner networks.

We mobilize knowledge to create innovation that benefits society.

  • We offer an interdisciplinary ecosystem that supports every stage of the innovation journey, from community and industry partnerships, to ideation, mentorship and ventures that scale.
  • We stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit in students in all faculties, and then foster their ideas and inventions through experiential learning and mentorship.
  • Our faculty, researchers and students work in collaboration with government, business and community partners to incubate and accelerate innovations and transformative discoveries for positive social and economic impact. 

We celebrate the diversity of people, ideas and cultures.

  • We have a track record of responding to emerging needs and opportunities aided by our flexibility across faculties and our support for the co-generation of knowledge.
  • We are striving to increase awareness of Indigenous history, culture and knowledge—both within the university and in the greater community.
  • We embrace new ways of working that are transformational for our students, faculty, staff and community.
  • As a public institution of higher learning, we are vital to democracy and civic transformation.

Our alumni, donors and community partners embrace the world and bring the promise of SFU to life.

  • Together we make a difference, advancing engagement, learning and research for societal good.
  • Through connection and lifelong learning we enable our alumni to meet their full capabilities.
  • Donors give to SFU because of our unique ability to benefit the communities we serve.