Extensions incorporate the institutional SFU logo alongside a custom wordmark that is designed using the DIN family of fonts. This approach will allow a degree of individual personality for these extensions while creating a cohesive system and dramatically increasing SFU recognition.

The wordmark can be customized to portray the extension’s brand personality. Customization can include slight alterations to the letterforms, but should not introduce any holding shapes or pictographic symbols.

It can also use multiple weights, sizes and styles of letterforms from the DIN family of fonts. If the wordmark contains several lines of copy, the baseline of the most prominent word should align with the bottom of the logo block

To ensure applicability across a variety of compositions, the wordmark portion of the logo should not be more than 3.5 times the width of the SFU block. This will also ensure prominence of the SFU logo. Single words should not appear taller than the SFU block.

Horizontal and vertical versions can be created with the SFU block to the left of the wordmark or above it.


Colour variations

SFU’s extension logo files are available in colour formats— including CMYK, RGB and spot colour—and black and white. Reverse colour versions are available for use on medium- to dark-toned backgrounds.

The colour versions should be used whenever possible. Black and white is only used when colour reproduction is limited. These logos must be placed on a medium- or light-toned background. There are no reverse logo versions.

A complete set of logo files is available for print and digital applications in EPS and PNG formats. Only use the logo files as supplied. Do not create or alter these logos.

Horizontal - colour
Vertical - colour
Horizontal - reverse colour
Vertical - reverse colour
Horizontal - black and white
Vertical - black and white