Partnerships and sponsorships

We have established guidelines for how to use the logos of partner companies in SFU communications.


When SFU is leading the communication, it should appear as the dominant identity by appearing first, and should follow our brand guidelines. SFU’s masterbrand, institutional or extension logos can be used with partner logos.

Whenever possible, partner logos should appear in SFU’s dark grey or reversed in white on a dark background. They should appear approximately 50 per cent smaller than the SFU logo, and should be positioned outside of the SFU logo’s clearspace.

Placing partner logos in opposite corners to the logo is preferred.

Masterbrand logo with partners - dark grey on a light background
Institutional logo with partners - reverse on a dark background


When SFU is in a sponsorship role and represented in external communications, use the SFU masterbrand logo. In such applications, it should appear at the same visual weight as other sponsors.

When multiple units are co-sponsoring the same event, it is recommended to use the SFU masterbrand logo as it allows the best brand presence.

If the co-sponsoring units need to be identified, use the masterbrand logo along with the co-sponsoring unit names listed within a subheader positioned under the logo. The subheader should be set in DIN Pro Condensed Black and left- aligned with the masterbrand logo. The names will become too small to remain legible.

When more than three units are co-sponsors revert to the masterbrand logo. The masterbrand logo and subheader combination should not be considered as a vertical logo lockup. It should appear on the sponsors page only.

Masterbrand Logo on Event Sponsors Page. This is the preferred option.
Masterbrand Logo with Co-Sponsoring Units names. Co-sponsoring unit names listed in subheader positioned under the masterbrand logo. Unit names that become too long should break onto a second line. Leading on two-line units should be 115% of the type size. Leading between units should be 150% of the type size.

Multiple internal units

When multiple internal units need to be identified, do not use multiple SFU logos together.

Instead, use SFU’s masterbrand logo or the dominant institutional or extension logo and then include the names of other partner units within a subheader positioned in an opposing corner of the composition, as shown in the examples on the right. The subheader should be set in DIN Pro Condensed Black.

The subheader should be written in a way that explains the relationship of the units, as demonstrated in these examples.

Masterbrand logo with partner unit subheader
Institutional logo with partner unit subheader