"Canada’s Engaged University" is SFU’s new tagline. It should be incorporated to all SFU institutional communications whenever space allows. 


  • Font: DIN Condensed Black (Caps)
  • Tracking: 40
  • Kerning: Set to "Optical"
  • Align: left


  • Font: DIN Serif Regular
  • Size: 70% of the tagline
  • Tracking: 0
  • Kerning: Set to "Optical"
  • Align: left


The tagline should:

  • always appear as specified above, in all caps, in DIN Condensed Black and with an underline
  • be positioned in the one of four corners of a composition, preferably opposite an SFU logo to avoid additional visual complexity to the composition


The tagline can:

  • also include an optional, single-line, call-to-action with a URL, as shown on the above
  • appear in SFU dark red on a light background or reversed out of a dark background in white


The underline should:

  • bleed off the closest edge of the composition, whenever possible
  • stop at the end of the tagline, if there is a large safety area to accommodate



When the tagline is positioned opposite the logo, align the underline with the bottom of the SFU logo.
Align baseline of the call-to-action with the bottom of the SFU academic unit informal logo.