In general, copyrights in all Simon Fraser University publications should list the university as the owner regardless of the university department, program, centre, institute or other entity producing the publication.

The copyright should indicate a © followed by the year and the official name of the university.

Example: © 2021 Simon Fraser University.


The only exceptions are:

  • Scholarly works including research information and teaching materials created and owned by SFU faculty and non-faculty staff.
  • Works created by undergraduate students during their course of study.
  • Works including theses created by graduate students—unless a research contract in support of the student’s work stipulates otherwise.

SFU copyright website

Refer to SFU’s copyright website for further information including:

  • Information on Canada’s copyright law and SFU’s copyright policies and procedures;
  • How fair dealing applies to copying materials;
  • How copyright materials may be used for an educational purpose, whether in the classroom or online;
  • What you can legally reproduce for your own research and private study purposes.

If you still have questions, contact SFU’s Copyright Office at