Academic degrees

Degrees can be abbreviated or written out in full. When writing out in full, use lowercase.

Use an apostrophe when referring informally to a degree.


  • Colin has a bachelor of arts degree.
  • SFU offers master’s degrees.

We no longer use periods in degree abbreviations:

BA—bachelor of arts
BA (Hons.)—bachelor of arts with honours
BASc—bachelor of applied science
BBA—bachelor of business administration
BComm—bachelor of commerce
BEd—bachelor of education
BEnv—bachelor of environment
BGS—bachelor of general studies
BFA—bachelor of fine arts
LLB—bachelor of laws
BMus—bachelor of music
BSc—bachelor of science
BSc (Hons.)—bachelor of science with honours
EMBA—executive master of business administration
MA—master of arts; master’s
MBA—master of business administration
MEd—master of education
MFA—master of fine arts
MPH—master of public health
MPub—master of publishing
LLM—master of laws
MSc—master of science; master’s
MD—doctor of medicine
PhD—doctor of philosophy
LLD—doctor of laws
EdD—doctor of education