Media guide

Does your department have a great SFU story that is also newsworthy? We can help you alert the media through a number of different tools and methods.

How to Make a Great Story

Media training

Prepare your experts for their next media interview with this free, fun and interactive training session. Book a free, two-hour session with our in-house media trainer.

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Interviewing experts

If you are a communicator, use these questions to optimize your interview time and get the best quotes, interesting anecdotes and engaging content for your stories with these questions.

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How to alert the media

Tips for writing media releases and advisories, as well as Issues and Experts alerts.

Tips for writing

Develop an op-ed

Connect with new audiences through the commentary pages of regional and national newspapers and online publications.

Write an op-ed

Giving interviews

If you are a faculty member, learn how to communicate more effectively when representing your work, your faculty and your university in the media. Or get listed in our experts directory so that when an issue pops up in the media, they’ll contact you first.

Interview tips & tricks

Contribute to The Conversation Canada

Join a growing number of academics who are submitting articles to The Conversation, an online media platform for universities that’s dedicated to knowledge mobilization across the country and around the world.

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