Media advisory


To invite or notify media to attend and/or cover an event.


Two to three days ahead of the event.


One page



  • Under 10 words.
  • Promote the event in an intriguing way.

Contact information

Name, department, phone number, email address for both:

  • Event organizer/main event contact
  • University communications contact person


One to two short paragraphs introducing the event and any notable people.

Main body

  • What - Two to three sentences on anything relevant not covered in introduction, type of event, event description.
  • When - Date, time
  • Where - Location, address
  • Why - Bulleted list of background facts, statistics related to your event. Strengthen rationale for media to attend/cover the event.

Additional Details

Indicate whether there will be any photo opportunities at the event or if photos will be available for the media after the event.


Include current boilerplate.

Optional sections

  • Close - Optional to close with ### or - 30 -.