Media release


To make an announcement to generate media coverage.


A broad range of newsworthy items including:

  • Research announcement
  • New program offering
  • Award or accomplishment
  • High-profile event
  • Major board of governors decision


  • Release must be current.
  • Can use an embargoed release in advance.


One to two pages


Develop dynamic content including supporting images, videos and/or infographics.

  • Image library
  • Creative studio



  • Under 10 words.
  • Ask yourself: “Do I want to read more based on the headline?”
  • Remember a diverse audience may not know the subject matter.
  • Integrate the SFU brand narrative and values.


  • Provide additional context outside the headline.
  • Opportunity to use keywords.

Contact information

Name, department, phone number, email address for the media contact person. This may be one or more of:

  • Faculty communicator
  • University communications contact person
  • Subject matter expert


  • Under 30 words.
  • Provide basic answers to the questions of who, what, when, where and why.

Main body

  • Organized from most important to less important information.
  • Include unique facts and numbers.
  • Include any pertinent funding details.
  • Include quotes from key spokespeople in a pull-quote format.
  • Push the SFU brand narrative in quote messaging.


Include current boilerplate.

Optional sections

  • Close - Optional to close with ### or - 30 -.
  • Why it matters - Bullet-point summary providing further context on the newsworthiness of the announcement.  
  • Fast Facts - Newsworthy facts or statistics. Bullet points.