Content lifecycle

The content lifecycle explains how content is conceptualized, planned, created, and maintained.

Content lifecycle stages

Strategize and brainstorm

Do this: annually
Your content team decides how content in your department or school can be used to meet its goals that work toward enhancing SFU’s vision.
See: SFU’s Communication and Marketing Plan


Do this: quarterly
You and your team review ideas, assess required resources, and determine a plan for production, maintenance, and evaluation of your content.
See: Activity worksheet

Design and create

Do this: according to your editorial calendar
The designated members of your content team design and develop content according to your plan.
See: Creative Studio for help

Publish and distribute

Do this: according to your editorial calendar
You and your team publish and distribute content to your audiences on the appropriate channels for maximum effect.
See: Submit

Evaluate and maintain

Do this: according to your maintenance schedule
You and your team follow up to determine the effectiveness of your content. The maintenance stage ensures that your content remains relevant, accurate and up-to-date.
See: Project communications summary worksheet