Define Roles and Responsibilities

What is a RACI?

RACI is a matrix used to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each person involved in a project. It ensures all team members and stakeholders understand their role, and that of others, in the content creation process.

Associate roles (not people) with responsibilities

This ensures the RACI isn’t affected by people changing jobs or leaving the company.
One person can assume multiple roles.

Definitions and best practices

Stands for


Best practice



The people who actually do the work.

One or more people need to be responsible.

If one person has many Rs, they may have more workload than they can handle.

If one deliverable has many Rs, can tasks be made more specific so team members have more autonomy?

Accountable (Approver)

The person who approves the work.

Only one person is accountable, but there should always be one A for each deliverable or work item.

If any single deliverable or work item does not have an A, then item is at risk of not meeting project goals.

If a deliverable has more than one A, confusion and inefficiency are likely to occur during the approval stage.


The subject matter expert who is consulted and may contribute.

Several team members may be consulted. Ensure two-way communication.

Too many Cs can lead to swirl, and slows down the process.

Too few Cs can result in poor quality through lack of accuracy or not meeting business goals.


The people who will be informed when a deliverable is complete.

Several team members may be informed. Communication only goes one way.

If there are lots of I’s, find ways to inform people in batches, in logical project intervals, rather than as you go. Develop a system (preferably automated) to inform people.