Analytics is the systematic analysis of data. It is used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns. These patterns can be an important indication of how well content performs on social media.

Raw Data For Analysis

The C&M team pulls data from our institutional social networks into a Raw Data Sheet, which tracks social media performance across Facebook (FB), Instagram (IG), Twitter (TW) and LinkedIn (LI). There is a tab for each of the social media platforms, as well as a summary sheet that combines all social platforms. You can view these different sheets by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the page. Below are downloadable Excel files for Raw Data in each month.


Reach - The number of unique people who see the post.

Impressions - The number of times a post has been seen. If one person sees a post twice = 2 impressions.

Engagement - The amount of interactions (Likes + Shares + Saves + Comments + Clicks + Profile Views [varies per channel]).

Engagement rate - The ratio of engagement to reach/impressions

Views - The number of times a video has been viewed for more than 3 seconds.

Growth - The number of new followers per month.

Sentiment - Negative, neutral or positive direct mentions on social media (data obtained from Meltwater).

Unique # - Each post has its own unique number that identifies it. Calculated as (unique number of previous post +1).

Monthly # - Each post has its own monthly number which helps determine how many posts were made on each platform every month. Calculated as (Monthly # of previous + 1). Starts at 0 every month.