Social avatars

Social avatars can be used as an opportunity to provide an enhanced and, more importantly, coherent SFU experience across all channels. Main SFU brand elements such as colours, typography and title bars are used to create a visual connection to the brand communications.


The avatar system comprises of the masterbrand institutional and services avatars. The institutional and services avatars are divided into three templates to accommodate names of different lengths.

Circle and square avatars serve available for the requirements of the major social media channels. Extensions and associated avatars are exempt from this system.

Master brand avatars



Institutional and services avatars

Short name

Medium-length name

Long name


There are three different versions of the social avatars to accommodate different lengths of institutional and services names. The name and title bars should be aligned right and always centre to height of the avatar (both circle and square). The examples on the right illustrate the character and line count for each of the versions.

The avatars are created by the Communications & Marketing team. Please contact

Short name

Medium-length name

Long name


The social avatars provide quick visual context of the SFU brand and leverage the channel handle name and/or cover image adjacent to the avatar to further communicate the unit.

To maintain the SFU brand recognition even without the master brand logo, we recommend always including SFU before the unit name in the handle and in the 'name' field for the social account.


Avatars, unit handles and description


Avatar and unit handle next to cover image and news feeds


Round avatars can also be used for Microsoft Outlook profile pictures.