Social cover images

Cover images have a prominent presence on all social channel homepages. They are great brand applications to showcase the unique projects, events, and learning experiences that SFU students, faculty and researchers are involved in.

Different cover image templates are available for various types of information.

Facebook templates

Ninety-six per cent of Facebook users access the social network from a mobile device. It is important to ensure the cover images are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

The dimensions of the Facebook cover image on mobile devices are 1200 x 675px, but only 457px of its depth will be displayed on desktop. Templates are available to avoid creating two different files for the same Facebook cover image on different devices.

This applies to all cover image templates (image only, text only, image and text, video).

Top Alignment
Top Alignment

Bottom Alignment
Bottom Alignment

Facebook cover and implementation

The following steps can be helpful to ensure cover images are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices:

  • Choose an image with hero subjects and activities in either the top or bottom 2/3 portion
  • Crop image to 1200 x 675px
  • Select template – top or bottom alignment
  • Place logo and copy (if needed) within the desktop safe area of the template
  • Upload 1200 x 675px image in Facebook profile page and drag image upward or downward to display the correct portion
  • Review on mobile devices to ensure image is displayed properly

Select a template that works well with the image chosen
Place logo and headlines within the desktop safe area
Drag to reposition image on Facebook desktop to display the either upper or lower portion of the image (457px)

Full height (675px) should be visible on mobile device

Facebook cover and application

The examples below demonstrate how the social avatar and cover image appear together on a Facebook profile page, using the bottom alignment template.

Desktop profile page

Mobile profile page