Social cover images

Cover images have a prominent presence on all social channel homepages. They are great brand applications to showcase the unique projects, events, and learning experiences that SFU students, faculty and researchers are involved in.

Different templates are available for various types of information.

LinkedIn template

Similar to Twitter, only one template is required for the LinkedIn cover image. 20px of the image will be cropped from the bottom on the mobile devices and the lower left corner will be covered by part of the square avatar. We recommend placing the logo on the upper right corner of the cover image to avoid avatar interference.

The LinkedIn cover image is wide and shallow. Avoid cluttering the image with too much content. Always position logo on the upper right corner

LinkedIn cover implementation

The cover image on LinkedIn is wide but shallow. Its size reduces significantly on mobile devices. We recommend using the image only layout for LinkedIn.

Drag to reposition the image up to ensure the logo aligns to the top of the frame. Always review the image on both desktop and mobile devices.

Drag to reposition image on LinkedIn desktop. Full height (220px) of image should display clearly in the cover image area

Cover image is small with obstruction from the avatar. Keep the amount of content to minimal to avoid clutter

LinkedIn cover application

The examples below demonstrate how the social avatar and cover image appear together on a LinkedIn profile page.

Desktop profile page

Mobile profile page