Social cover images

Cover images have a prominent presence on all social channel homepages. They are great brand applications to showcase the unique projects, events, and learning experiences that SFU students, faculty and researchers are involved in.

Different templates are available for various types of information.

Twitter template

The recommended size for Twitter cover images is 1500 x 500px. These dimensions work for both desktop and mobile devices. However, the social avatar covers up a portion of the image and coverage area changes depending on the screen’s resolution.

We recommend leaving ample space on the bottom left corner of the cover image to avoid avatar interference on different devices.

Avatar covers the lower left corner of the image. Avoid placing logo or copy on the left side

Twitter cover implementation

We recommend placing logo and headline on the right portion of the Twitter cover image and leaving ample space on the bottom left to account for the avatar.

Twitter cover image dimensions are 1500 x 500px for both desktop and mobile devices. When placing the image in Twitter, it should not require further adjustments in the edit media dialogue box. Review the image on both desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile display

Twitter cover application

The examples below demonstrate how the social avatar and cover image appear together on a Twitter profile page.

Desktop profile page

Mobile profile page