Content strategy

Creating a website plan and a content plan for your project helps inform the direction of the website during the initial project phase, and will inform ongoing maintenance afterwards.

Website plan

A website plan will lay out key goals and objectives that supports your faculty's or department's overarching strategy.

The website plan template will help walk you through key questions including:

  • What is the project?
  • What are the goals of creating a new website?
  • What are the measurable objectives of creating a new website?
  • Who is the audience?
  • Are there key tasks we want the audience to complete while on the website?
  • Who is involved in the project? What are their roles?

Once you have completed a strategy, ensure you continue to reference it to help guide the project and make decisions.

Building a website without a strategy makes it difficult to determine if the project has been successful, who your audience is and whether the content is appropriate.

Download Website plan

Content plan

Once you have determined a new site map for your website it's time to create a content plan.

The content plan template helps lay out the goals and audience for different sections of the site. This template will also allow you to plan out content owners and how often sections will need to be updated. This is important for ongoing website maintenance once it is launched.

Download content plan