Custom URLs

Custom URLs are typically used for marketing and promotional materials. These user-friendly URLs are shorter and should be easy to remember and share. Custom URLs redirect the user to the URL where the page is located.

If you're looking at creating redirects because your web page has changed its location permanently, please visit the URL redirects page.

Custom URL guidelines:

  • Check that the URL isn't already being used
  • The URL structure should be, not
  • Make the URL clear and concise (it needs to make sense to the user where possible)
    • Use not or
  • Use specific keywords relevant to your site/page (good for SEO)
  • Match URLs to site/page titles where it makes sense (good for SEO)
  • Consider URL length and ease of use for mobile devices
    • The destination page should be mobile and tablet-friendly
  • Keep it consistent with social media channels
  • No caps or special characters (hyphens are fine)
  • Don't include stock words (and, or, but, of, the)

How do I get a custom URL?

Any new top-level custom URLs or new website URLs, i.e., need to be submitted via the URL request form. The Communications & Marketing team will review your submission within 1-2 weeks.

You can set up a custom URL within your own domain, i.e. There is no review/approval process for these requests.