Before your site launches, you need to ensure that there are no issues with any of the web pages. If possible, involve some of your colleagues - an extra set of eyes will help you catch any issues before the site is live.

Your testing should cover the following areas:

  • Google Analytics - is it set up correctly?
  • Copy - is it accurate and error-free?
  • Images - are they uploaded to the DAM and displaying correctly?
  • Links - are they linking to correct URLs?
  • Calls to action - are they clear, concise and descriptive?
  • SEO - is your content optimized?
  • Accessibility - are you following best practices?
  • Brand - is your site compliant?
  • Devices - does your site display well on mobiles and tablets?
  • Activate all pages and images/files in DAM before launch

We’ve created the ultimate checklist that will guide you to deliver a successful website.


As soon as your site launches, you should do another test to check that:

  • Site load speed - is quick
  • Content (images and copy) - appears exactly as it did on the production site
  • Files - are present and downloadable
  • Links - aren't broken
  • Submit your website to Google for indexing. This will help your new site show up in search results.

If there are any issues that you can't fix in AEM, please contact IT Services team.