Website project guide

Whether you’re looking at updating your current website or launching a new one, we have guidance regarding capacity planning, process, Content Management Systems and templates.

SFU uses Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as its in-house CMS and the platform is fully supported by IT Services. As the needs of the university community change, we are continually working to make improvements and expand AEM's offering.  

Horizontal template

The horizontal navigation template was developed with user experience, content strategy and internal needs at the forefront.



  • Incorporate the updated visual brand identity
  • Align SFU websites with other channels (both online and offline) that use the updated brand


  • CLF2 to CLF4: 4-12 months
    • depends on the size of your website and available resources
    • process includes a website plan and re-build
  • CLF3 to CLF4: approximately 3 weeks
    • a converted copy of the CLF3 site will be created in AEM so the site admin can review and test for any problems before launch


  • With internal resources: work done by you and your team, and the support provided by IT Services and Communications & Marketing there is no associated monetary cost

  • With an external vendor: strategy and content creation services provided by an external vendor typically range from $5,000 to $25,000 per service and depend on the size and complexity of the site


Communications & Marketing team:

  • Guidance and recommendations on content strategy and site content
  • Setting up a site map test

IT Services team:

  • Production site set-up
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Pre-launch technical review
  • Launch support
  • Post-launch



  • Focus on content strategy
  • Content informing design
  • User-centred content and layouts


Communications & Marketing team:

  • Guidance and recommendations on content strategy and site content

IT Services team:

  • Technical support only

For more information on template features, process and support please go to the horizontal template page.

If you feel that the current AEM template doesn't meet your needs, please contact the Communications & Marketing team at to determine if looking at external solutions is the best option for your website.  

Using 3rd party platforms isn’t advisable due to a few major factors:

  • Communications & Marketing and IT Services won’t be able to troubleshoot any issues associated with an external platform.
  • Branding updates which are made automatically to AEM-hosted sites will have to be manually implemented in an external CMS by you.
  • There could be costs associated with using 3rd party platforms which could include paying for functionality or regular updates to the site.