Horizontal template

The new horizontal template has an updated design, improved user experience and a horizontal navigation. It derived from the need across SFU to have an AEM template with a horizontal navigation.

The template and updated process align with SFU’s aim to focus on a strategic approach for building websites that prioritizes its audiences and follows best practices.

What does the template look like?

Live example: SFU Vancouver’s site.

What’s the process?

We have updated our process to focus on content strategy and users’ needs to inform the development of site. As a result, there’s no automatic template switch available and you’ll need more resources to move to the new template. This process typically requires longer investment of time at the beginning and delivers better results in the long-term.

Here are the key stages of the process:

  • Research
  • Content strategy
  • Site map
  • Content development
  • Site build
  • Testing
  • Launch

Depending on the size of website and your resources, your project could take anywhere from four to 12 months. Please keep this in mind if you intend to launch your new site before departmental deadlines/campaigns/recruitment periods.

Review the full website project process.

How can we support you?

When you follow the full process, we can collaborate on your website by providing support on best practices and recommendations for your website. Our team can help with the following:

  • Content strategy phase:
    • Advise on content audit, research, strategy and governance
    • Review the strategy and provide recommendations
    • Review content and provide recommendations
  • Site build phase:
    • Provide a homepage layout*
    • Provide layouts for a standard landing/overview page and standard second-level page*
    • Provide layouts for other complex pages
    • Conduct pre-launch testing and provide recommendations

*Page layouts will involve one mock-up and one round of edits.

How can I request the horizontal template?

To request to have your site built in the new template please fill out the website request form.

Can I request a new feature to be added to the template?

We are constantly working to improve the template’s offering. If there is a functionality or style that the current template is lacking, you can request it through our template feature request form.